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Job title of nominated professional (or team name)IAPM
Company (where nominated professional or team is working)PEO Missles and Space
Company size (employees)10000

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Michael takes his personal vacation time away from the office to participate in industry conferences and to develop and deliver certification training courses.

He is often requested to come to sites abroad because of his ability to translate the material necessary to successfully complete a certification exam into terms that resonate with deployed personnel.

In the words of a recent student, "Mike provided me with valuable insight from his past experiences - and this made me a better professional, and a more effective information security manager."

Mike has determined that the goal of training one's replacement can and should extend far beyond a single immediate subordinate. His students are given far more than just an understanding of common body of knowledge facts...they come away confident in their ability to complete their chosen certification examinations and energized for the task of putting their qualifications to work for themselves and the community.

Brief Overview

Michael Redman identified a significant gap in how commercial certification preparation courseware is developed and how the resultant courses are taught relative to the government civilian and DoD personnel nomenclature. He developed a set of courses and adapted his teaching methods in order to better correlate the common body of knowledge of several certifications to the government civilian and DoD equivalents.

Michael has delivered courses using materials and content he has developed to support civil service and DoD cybersecurity professionals pursuing certifications such as CISSP, CISM, Security+, LInux+ and others. To date, in excess of 300 individual students have been mentored with an astonishing 93% successfully achieving their certification goals.

He is recognized and respected both within his command and within the certification training community. His leadership style demonstrates his understanding that each individual is critical to the security posture of the systems, networks, and enclaves they are a part of. He delivers his guidance in the office the same way he delivers his courses…direct to the individual with a passion that is contagious. Everyone in one of Mike’s classes is made to feel they are a contributing element. The course delivery conveys a sense of camaraderie and teamwork that translates into course members supporting each other’s bids for successfully completing their respective “quiz”. It doesn’t matter if they are a Vice President, a fellow IAM, or gulf war vet looking to make a career change, Mike reaches out and turns classmates into a team.