Mimecast Security Awareness Training (AT)

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Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Mimecast Awareness Training (AT) helps organizations across all industries and sizes reduce security risks associated with human error and makes employees an active part of organizational defense. In fact, employees from companies not using Mimecast AT were more than 5x more likely to click on malicious links.

Mimecast AT saves companies time and money by engaging employees to cut down on security problems and administration within a single platform. Mimecast AT is built to help organizations build a stronger security culture.

The Mimecast AT solution is constantly evolving and improving to help organizations educate their employees and improve overall security posture. Included as part of the platform, Mimecast SAFE Phish, is an industry changing capability that allows customers to easily convert the real phishing attacks targeting their organization into phishing simulations. This provides a better assessment of individual and organization risk. Real-time user behaviors and results from testing are incorporated into the Mimecast SAFE Score dashboard which aggregates data for the security team to review and learn from.

Mimecast AT creates professionally produced humorous content that fosters positive reinforcement and individual responsibility. Humor has been identified by experts as a clear way to engage people. Using a micro-learning approach, the content does not overwhelm or disrupt the busy worker, a mere 2-3-minutes monthly. Thanks to the relatable storyline and creative writing, employees are engaged.

To provide administrators a real-time view into user risk, Mimecast AT collects data on topical knowledge, engagement with the training, sentiment toward cyber hygiene and risky behaviors (clicks of real and simulated phishing emails).

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How we are different

• By increasing employee knowledge of basic security issues, the organization’s sensitive information is far more protected, and less likely to be breached. Specifically, Mimecast AT reported massive knowledge gains for their employees in specific areas:
Phishing – 246% gain
Social Media – 212% gain
Passwords – 437% gain
Reporting threats – 345% gain
Full chart here - https://www.mimecast.com/globalassets/documents/awareness-training---how-we-change-behavior-infographic.pdf

• Not only does Mimecast AT drive results, it also keeps customers happy -

“Typically, when IT deploys a solution, sometimes end-users can see that as something creating more work for them or takes up too much of their time. But, with the short length of the videos and the comedy factor, it’s been received very positively.

I think we’ve had less disruption caused by people clicking on links that they shouldn’t, just by the awareness that they’re getting. They’re able to identify something before they click on it now, whereas before they would just click on it and see what happened.

The scores that are on the [Mimecast AT] dashboard are definitely moving in the forward direction, so they’re getting more of the answers right at the end of the quiz.

- Patricia McLelland, Infrastructure Engineer, Massimo Zanetti Beverage USA Full video: https://www.mimecast.com/resources/case-studies/massimo-zenetti-beverage/

“With the sophistication of attacks constantly on the rise, it’s critical that we prevent attacks from ever arriving in an employee’s mailbox. But we also needed to go a step further and ‘harden’ our employees against attacks with a security awareness program.”

“It is far and away the best security awareness training I’ve seen on the market. The humor they incorporate is important to make sure employees don’t view it as ‘just another training exercise’. It’s a big hit.”

- Randy George, Vice President of Technology Operations and Information Security, Boston Red Sox Full case study here: https://www.mimecast.com/resources/case-studies/red-sox-case-study/