Mr. Cooper’s Identity Governance Team & Program

Additional Info

Job title of nominated professional (or team name)Mr Cooper's Identity Governance Team
Company (where nominated professional or team is working)Mr. Cooper Group
Company size (employees)10,000 or more
CountryUnited States
Headquarters RegionNorth America


In 2020, Mr. Cooper invested in improvements to their identity and access management program to ensure their security and governance abilities matched the velocity of their business. Identity is fundamental today as many enterprises transform their operations to meet the current operating environment’s challenges, with automation being the gas to keep teams moving and the business compliant. Their goal was to keep the company secure by replacing a homegrown identity tool with an automated program built on SailPoint. This in turn would enhance their regulatory audits, increasing accuracy and giving auditors an automated audit experience. In four months, Mr. Cooper’s identity team was able to rip and replace the old instance in time for SOC1 and SOX audits. Previously, these reviews involved manually capturing access approvals from managers which took 4-5 weeks. Once the data was collected it was manually reconciled and audited. With SailPoint in place, this process is now automated and takes just under two weeks.

Working against the clock and accomplishing this in four short months was no small feat. The team of 13 individuals made small and large sacrifices during an already challenging year to make this happen. Birthdays, anniversaries, Father’s Day as well as other special occasions were missed to get this new program stood up and running. Their hard work and perseverance increased the security of the company, reducing unnecessary access to applications and tools throughout the organization, ultimately making it less vulnerable to potential bad actors. It also gave auditors confidence in the overall security program and their adherence to compliance.

By enhancing the program and making it easier for access reviews and approvals, employee adoption has also increased. Corralling employees to submit their reviews is a thing of the past and many have sung their praises for the experience they now have.


• Dedication: We are nominating Mr. Cooper’s team for this award because their identity program’s quick time-to-value was a dedicated focus for this small, but mighty team. Identity programs touch every department of an organization and to be successful, require unifying HR, IT, Security and business processes. Communicating effectively and understanding where you are in your program and where you want to take it is no small task. Their dedication and focus on driving this forward deserve praise and celebration.
• Results Driven: Mr. Cooper’s team had a short runway to get this program up and running. Given the additional complexities 2020 has brought, launching their work in March when the country was largely operating under shelter in place added to the already challenging environment. Under normal circumstances without the deadline, this could have taken up to 18 months to put in place if time had been at their disposal. They needed to be up and running by June and by working overtime, collaborating effectively, and keeping their eye on the prize they made it happen. As difficult as this might have been, the leadership team sings the greater team’s praises and is proud to be part of a hardworking, intelligent, and professional team.
• Vision: Scot Miller, their CISO, came in and recognized immediately that to build a solid foundation for security, an identity program was imminent. Beyond the need for regulatory compliance readiness, enabling the organization with a best-in-class identity foundation will contribute to an increased time-to-access, productivity, and greater governance controls. They plan on growing their footprint in 2021 by enhancing the identity program through new innovations and automation. As their business grows, the security industry evolves and our world moves forward to a New Year, their focus on constant evolution will continue to make them stand out.