Nisos – The Managed Intelligence Company™

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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Nisos is the Managed Intelligence Company™

We deliver client-specific and analyst-led threat intelligence as a managed service. We provide accurate, customized, and immediately useful intelligence that guides your security and risk decisions – protecting your organization and people. Our intel investigations, assessments, and monitoring services empower your security, intelligence, and trust and safety teams.

Powered by our experts and multi-domain cyber and OSINT collection, Nisos provides corporate intelligence investigations, ongoing threat monitoring, and response to events. We fuse robust data collection with a deep understanding of the adversarial mindset — delivering smarter defense and more effective response against advanced cyber attacks, disinformation, and abuse of digital platforms.

How we are different

1) The Market has a Threat Intelligence Problem. Nisos Solves it with The Managed Intelligence Suite. What most cyber threat intelligence vendors call "intelligence" is too often only generic "data" feeds refined by proprietary artificial intelligence engines to make it more relevant. Intelligence is too often generic and vague and lack an understanding of the business's unique needs. Nisos delivers immediately useful, client-specific and analyst-led intelligence as a service.

2) A Partner Focused on Your Intelligence Needs. Working as an extension of your team, ‬Nisos provides intelligence focused on real-world threats specific to your organization‭. ‬With Nisos as a partner‭, ‬ you benefit from our broad experience and extensive toolset‭, ‬so you’ll always have the resources to fill knowledge gaps and address unique stakeholders’‭ ‬needs‭.‬ Nisos analysts work with your team to assess, monitor and respond to Requests for Information (RFIs) on your most pressing security concerns.

3) Unmatched Open Source Collection Capabilities‭ . Nisos gives security teams deeper‭, ‬broader‭, ‬and more comprehensive threat intelligence coverage‭. ‬Using an extensive stack of third-party and proprietary tools‭, ‬Nisos collects and maintains a vast collection of content to query for mentions related to your organization, ‬its brand‭, ‬key personnel‭, ‬or assets‭.‬