NopSec Unified VRM

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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Type of solutionSoftware


NopSec’s Unified VRM (Vulnerability Risk Management) is an innovative vulnerability risk management solution addressing the need for better prioritization and remediation of security vulnerabilities in a single platform. Built on cloud infrastructure with microservices, NopSec Unified VRM can be operational instantly, and the value can be realized immediately. Traditional solutions prioritize vulnerabilities solely based on CVSS score and asset classification – creating data overload for remediation teams without context. Unified VRM’s advanced E3 engine delivers a concise list of prioritized vulnerabilities by exposing the systems and applications most likely to be attacked based on external threats, exploits, malware, social media feeds, and the organization’s unique IT environment. It offers an extensive array of task, workflow automation, and governance capabilities to improve remediation, drive security/IT team collaboration, and improve goal setting and management. Unified VRM makes reporting on current risk posture and incident status easy with rich visualizations, dashboards. Revolutionizing vulnerability management, it empowers organizations to take a smarter, more targeted approach to proactive remediation—avoiding hacker attacks and costly data breaches.

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How we are different

– Prioritize and contextualize cyber security data for actionable results customizable reports
– Automate and orchestrate vulnerability risk management for immediate remediation
– Close the skills gap to accommodate workforce (and budgetary) shortage