PKWARE’s Financial Services Solution

Additional Info

Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionHybrid


PKWARE’s PK Protect solution suite removes the guesswork and legwork for financial services customers by eliminating data security gaps and automating the management and protection of sensitive information across the enterprise. Additionally, employees can work without disruption or putting company data at risk, since PKWARE automatically handles their security needs and requirements.

Within PK Protect are several solutions designed for financial services organizations to protect their most sensitive data and guard against cyberattacks:

• PK Discovery: A key component of protecting sensitive financial data is knowing what data you do and do not have—and where it is. PK Discovery locates every place sensitive personal data is stored to help organizations maintain visibility and control over data.

• PK Masking: This tool provides unique custom masking formats that address sophisticated protection for credit card, ABA bank routing, and account number fields. Protected values maintain rules and parameters required for consistency, foreign key relationships, and analytics.

• PK Encryption: PK Encryption includes file, email, and format-preserving encryption, so financial service organizations can be confident that they have security technology that accurately controls access to sensitive data.

• PK Privacy: Cybersecurity and personal data protection mandates are continually being revised as technology expands and improves. PK Privacy adds additional protection by identifying data that can and/or should be archived or deleted based on policy, age, or lack of use.

PK Protect has been deployed as the enterprise-wide data governance program for more than a dozen high-ranking Fortune 100 companies and remains in place today. Hundreds of thousands of users worldwide are working with PKWARE to deploy its data security solutions, including seven of the top 10 largest financial services companies in the world, who count on PKWARE to ensure data is protected to comply with PII and PCI DSS standards.

How we are different

• PKWARE provides a holistic data security strategy for all parts of an enterprise, while some competitors only provide partial protection. PKWARE detects sensitive data as files are created and modified, and takes automated action based on company policy. When sensitive data are detected on laptops, desktops, mobile phones or other points of entry, PKWARE immediately applies the correct form of remediation (classification, encryption, masking, quarantine or deletion).

• Most security technology focuses on where data is. Data-centric security means focusing on what needs to be protected—files containing sensitive information—and applying the appropriate form of protection, no matter where the data happens to be. PKWARE provides remediation options (including persistent encryption) that permanently protect data against inappropriate use, even when the data travels beyond the company network.

• With PKWARE, policies can be as general or specific as necessary in order to meet data security goals. Administrators can define specific actions (or sequences of actions) to be applied based on file contents, file types, storage locations, user profiles, and other criteria. Because after all, data security is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Within a single organization, there can be dozens of security policies, hundreds of data types, and thousands of use cases. Some data might require encryption, while other data may need to be masked, redacted, deleted, or quarantined.