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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)OptioLabs
Company size (employees)25
Type of solutionSoftware

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•PrivateEye Enterprise ensures that healthcare records are never left exposed on unattended computer screens or susceptible to unauthorized access
•With PrivateEye, the display only works when the user is looking. It is blurred when the user looks away or an unauthorized viewer is detected; making it the most user-friendly privacy screen solution for monitors available on the market
•PrivateEye Enterprise enables convenient compliance management by snapping into the already familiar Windows Group Policy framework. Any Windows-based organization can add PrivateEye Enterprise to the existing infrastructure with a few simple steps


Even among highly regulated industries, 42% of data breaches are caused by simple screen observation. OptioLabs has recognized the unique and critical security measures that were missing in environments where there are mobile devices with screens in nearly every room, such as enterprises, government and healthcare, and emerged with PrivateEye Enterprise, a product that fights risky data loss and proves regulatory compliance.

PrivateEye catches eavesdroppers in the act and opens up a thumbnail-sized video window showing the eavesdropper’s face on the display – just like an intelligent rear-view mirror. This warning not only immediately alerts the staff member about the risk, but it also typically discourages the eavesdropper if they are not supposed to be looking. When an authorized user is no longer detected, the display is protected by blurring the screen, however upon return, the screen is cleared and normal workflow is not interrupted (there is no need for the authorized user to log back in, when they are detected, the screen resumes to a readable format). With centralized policy management and audit logging, PrivateEye also helps organizations meet or exceed data privacy laws and internal security goals.

The simplicity of the solution is that PrivateEye displays only work when an authorized user is looking. Otherwise they are blurred or locked when the user looks away, making it the most user-friendly privacy screen solution for monitors available on the market. PrivateEye Enterprise leverages innovations developed for national security protocols, and helps organizations secure their data where it is most vulnerable – over the last two feet from the display to the user. Display security is a significant problem that is unfortunately overlooked by traditional security tools – firewalls, antivirus, intrusion detection, encryption, VPNs, etc. – only protect information “on-the-wire.”

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