Proficio’s Managed Security Services for Healthcare

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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionService


Proficio’s Managed Security Services for the healthcare industry are designed to provide the strongest level of protection of patient records, proprietary medical research and other sensitive data. With extensive experience protecting some of the top healthcare providers and payers, Proficio understands the unique challenges facing the industry.

Proficio’s global team of security experts provides 24/7 managed security services and utilizes advanced threat detection technology to identify and investigate suspicious behavior, hunt for targeted attacks and automatically respond to critical events. Every organization has different needs, so Proficio creates a customized solution designed to meet the unique requirements of each client, including tailored reporting and escalations. Proficio uses business context modeling to understand device behavior and employee roles to ensure that each organization’s objectives are met and their unique environment is completely protected.

To combat the cybersecurity challenges most commonly seen in the healthcare space, Proficio focuses on:
• Protecting against ransomware attacks: Increasing ransomware attacks are endangering patient care, forcing HIPAA disclosures, and burdening providers with expenditures. Proficio monitors ransomware attack vectors, manages advanced endpoint software, and provides incident response services to reduce the risk from ransomware.
• Preventing data breaches: Cyber criminals are motivated to steal and sell patient records, which is why the healthcare industry is often a victim of a data breach. Proficio monitors security events, detects threats and provides automated incident response services to help avoid data breaches.
• Identifying insider threats: Healthcare providers face higher risks of an employee or contractor accidentally or maliciously disclosing data. Proficio monitors activity on the network to detect suspicious behavior, policy violations, and credentials abuse.
• Assuring HIPAA compliance: Achieving HIPAA compliance and maintaining audit readiness requires a robust cybersecurity program. Proficio’s security monitoring and managed response services help clients understand their security posture and address gaps in compliance to pass audits.

How we are different

• Healthcare providers and payers are exposed to a wide range of security and compliance threats. In today’s diverse threat landscape, healthcare organizations need the strongest levels of security, but often lack the budget and in-house expertise to meet their desired goals. Proficio’s Managed Security Services for the healthcare industry are designed to meet the most demanding security and compliance challenges with next-generation technology and around the clock monitoring and support by security experts.
• Operating a 24/7 SOC, building security use case analytics, and effectively managing advanced technologies requires a team of experts. Proficio provides healthcare organizations with a global team of credentialed security analysts that leverage advanced technology and proven methodologies and who act as a true extension of your in-house security team.
• Proficio’s ability to accurately detect threats and provide prioritized actionable alerts changes the dynamics of security operations so healthcare organizations can focus on what really matters and not waste time chasing false positives.