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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)Proofpoint
Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Type of solutionSoftware

In 3 bullets, summarize why this product or service is different from the competition and deserves recognition:

• Unparalleled Protection – Proofpoint Nexus AI leverages numerous techniques to protrect against the ever-changing threat landscape. It also feeds learning back into the Proofpoint Nexus Threat Graph which real-time sharing of threat intelligence across the Fortune 1000 as well as being the market leader in email and leading in other vectors such as cloud, network and social.

• Unmatched Insight – our massive corpus of data allows our NexusAI machine learning to be that much more effective by learning from everything we see.

• Integration across products – Attackers are using multiple vectors to target users and organizations. Our visibility across multiple vectors gives us a unique advantage by normalizing and indexing the threat data to then be fed back into each of our products for protection against cross vector attacks.

Brief Overview

The Proofpoint NexusAI Machine Learning has been part of the Proofpoint DNA for over 10 years. We leverage many AI and ML techniques to provide a people-centric approach to security.

Proofpoint NexusAI employs many techniques to detect the many targeted threats such as BEC, EAC, phishing, cloud attacks, multi-stage attacks, etc. For example, credential phishing attacks show inherent weakness as they mimic the look of an organization’s log-in page. This is difficult to detect by analyzing manually, but with NexusAI, we leverage computer vision to detect and prevent emails pointing to that site. We also leverage our NexusAI with our internal threat researchers. They use the NexusAI tools to better understand incidents as well as find like-incidents.

AI and ML systems are only as good as the data that trains them. Proofpoint is unique in that we gather threat data from leading enterprises across the Fortune 1000, leading ISPs and hundreds of thousands of SMBs. We also gather data from across multiple attack vectors such as email, cloud, network and social media:
• 2B+ daily emails scanned
• 16M+ cloud accounts monitored
• 6k+ worldwide IDS sensors
• 400k+ unique daily malware samples
• 400M+ domains monitored
• 100k+ social media accounts monitored

Data gathered across industries and geographies is fed into the Nexus Threat Graph to learn everything we can about threats and train our NexusAI. Everything learned from the data we see across our customer base is then fed back into Proofpoint products. This goes beyond only leveraging the data from a specific customer in our AI and ML models but expands from our entire customer base. This data sharing helps us better identify campaigns and attack patterns we see across the threat landscape to provide the best security and visibility for our customers to stay ahead of the threat landscape.