Proofpoint Resident CISO Team

Additional Info

Job title of nominated professional (or team name)Proofpoint’s Resident CISOs
Company (where nominated professional or team is working)Proofpoint
Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
CountryUnited States
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Proofpoint’s small but mighty eight-member Resident CISO (RCISO) team is comprised of experienced operational CISO practitioners who focus on value-add advisory services, thought leadership, and industry trends that support and augment Proofpoint’s customer CISO community. Perhaps most unique to their work is their role in providing vendor agnostic guidance to CISOs endeavoring to build robust security programs. Rather than attempting to sell CISOs on any particular product, they are focused squarely on the cybersecurity needs of the organization.

The RCISO team’s overarching mission is to share knowledge and resources with global CISOs through personal and professional development opportunities. These include customer advisory board meetings, monthly CISO educational meetups, and CISO training for interactions with boards of directors.

The team is also responsible for two of Proofpoint’s most valuable educational tools–the annual Voice of the CISO and Board of Directors reports. These assets offer unique insights to CISOs and boards on how they can best address cybersecurity challenges. Further, they provide useful advice for CISOs on how to effectively communicate with boards using non-technical business language they understand, and for board members on how to develop relevant questions to ask of their CISOs.

Much of the team’s work is highlighted on their free CISO Hub that serves as an online resource for CISOs and other security practitioners with helpful articles, fresh insights, research, trends, and tools. The Hub also provides an experience that exposes CISOs to a community of thought leaders and content with peer-to-peer engagement while helping CISOs to be better at their jobs and empowered to succeed.



While many vendor based CISO teams are tasked with selling their own company’s products, Proofpoint’s RCISO team is focused on the security needs of their customer CISOs. The team provides unbiased advice and valuable knowledge to help CISOs best protect their organizations while helping those CISOs grow in their roles through personal and professional development opportunities.

The RCISO team authors two important educational tools each year for CISOs and other security practitioners—the Voice of the CISO and Board of Directors reports. These highly regarded assets offer insights to both CISOs and board directors on how their peers view the cybersecurity landscape and interact with one another.

This year the RCISO team launched Proofpoint’s CISO Hub, a space designed to provide CISOs and other security practitioners with free insights and tools they can use to do their jobs more effectively.