QuoLab Technologies’ Security Operations Platform

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)QuoLab Technologies
Company size (employees)10 to 49
Type of solutionSoftware

In 3 bullets, summarize why this product or service is different from the competition and deserves recognition:

●The QuoLab platform boasts a well-developed graph data model, a tremendously integrated link analysis tool, a proprietary feature called the magic parser tool, and other features that make it a competitive and effective tool for any cybersecurity professional in the field of incident response. QuoLab's security experts bring years of security operations experience, providing best-of-breed consultation to help customers optimize use of the platform within their unique environments.

●QuoLab’s Security Operations Platform brings a unified defense approach to the SOC by taking the best of security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) capabilities, merging those with the power of a threat intelligence platform (TIP), and enriching incident-related data with open source intelligence. This unified platform empowers analysts to make the best possible incident response decisions at machine speeds and at scale while also bolstering proactive threat hunting capabilities for all other organizations who participate in QuoLab’s collaborative data sharing network.

●The platform cuts data and malware processing times by 50% and increases the speed by which threats are matched by 480%. This reduction in overhead makes it possible for operators to focus on response and recovery from the most significant threats.

Brief Overview

The QuoLab Technologies Security Operations Platform (SOP) empowers incident response (IR) professionals with a revolutionary system for data and information sharing. Seamless collaboration is a common challenge for most, if not all, organizations, whether it’s overcoming compartmentalized structures and silos, working with third parties or reporting toward regulatory requirements. Additionally, today’s IR techniques have resulted in an overly complex assortment of specialists trying to complete the entire monitoring to remediation cycle in the least amount of time.

QuoLab is designed to overcome these challenges by delivering a collaborative environment that supports the acquisition and fusion of required data sets while also enabling teams to support each other in a flexible yet targeted way by interacting around cases instead of executing processes in a linear fashion. Effective incident response is all about leveraging the right data at the right time, and QuoLab delivers that capability to dynamic incidents, allowing them to be viewed in scope. This is made possible by the platform’s unique target-centric case model, as well as the proactive delivery of threat intelligence (TI) for QuoIntelligence subscribers.

QuoLab’s robust list of integrations allow for interactions between both baseline and specialized tools, providing IR professionals with a framework that meets the needs of IR, TI analysts and security operations center (SOC) teams all in one dashboard. By delivering a single target-centric case system where each case is documented over time, the various teams involved with response and remediation tasks get a streamlined and unified view. The same case system is used to document emerging threats by TI teams and vendors fusing the data sets, which facilitates alerts, sightings, prioritization, and hunting activities.