ReliaQuest Security Operations Team

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Job title of nominated professional (or team name)ReliaQuest Security Operations Team
Company (where nominated professional or team is working)ReliaQuest
Company size (employees)500 to 999
CountryUnited States
Headquarters RegionNorth America


ReliaQuest was founded as a services-oriented company with the Security Operations Team on the front lines with customer security teams. This experience of “turning the wrenches” to build and maintain security programs led ReliaQuest to develop GreyMatter, a unique and innovative “Open XDR” approach to cybersecurity. Organizations can’t always stop emerging attacks, but they can be ready for when they happen. Part of being ready means being agile, using automation to take care of the mundane, the repetitive, the false positives, the duplicates, the tool pivoting and data collection, as well as the banning of hashes. ReliaQuest took all these requirements from its own SOC and built ReliaQuest GreyMatter to address these problems.

Unlike other XDR tools that limit organizations to a single vendor tech stack, GreyMatter facilitates a vendor-agnostic approach, delivering the right combination of technology, deep integration, field-validated content and resource empowerment to reduce complexity, streamline operations and improve security efficacies for organizations utilizing best-of-breed security tools. Wrapped with 24×7 security expertise plus advice and documentation around process and workflow best practices, ReliaQuest’s SOC gives its customers the people, process and technology support they need to achieve actionable outcomes.


● The ReliaQuest SOC team works in tandem with customers and ReliaQuest GreyMatter technology to secure well-known global brands including the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Boston Celtics, AAA, Quest Diagnostics, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, Abercrombie & Fitch and more.
● The ultimate use case for the ReliaQuest SOC team occurred following the December 2020 SolarWinds breach. The team was able to help customers with threat hunting at an accelerated rate, completing a thorough investigation across all tools in 24-48 hours, as opposed to weeks or months. With telemetry across security and business solutions, including on-premise or in the cloud, customers gained complete visibility through GreyMatter’s threat hunting and reporting capabilities, delivering reassurance in record time. Within 10 days of the SolarWinds breach, ReliaQuest had ensured all of their customers were secure -- instead of waiting weeks, months or quarters, putting security in jeopardy.
● ReliaQuest was the cybersecurity partner of the Super Bowl Host Committee for Super Bowl LV. In 2021, the virtual implications of the big game were massive. With COVID-19 precautions capping Super Bowl attendance to 22,000 people, this drastic stadium reduction pushed more coverage into the cyber arena. As a result, the Super Bowl LV Host Committee partnered with ReliaQuest to help ensure cybersecurity was well managed prior to, during and after the game. ReliaQuest received a total of 45,554,566,391 events from all customers during the Super Bowl, and blocked all events from escalating into a national incident. ReliaQuest’s SOC team was able to help successfully secure Super Bowl LV operations, including the backend networks, ticket systems, merchandise sales, and stadium scoreboards, while safeguarding the personal information of staff, volunteers and fans alike.