Additional Info

CompanySafeGuard Cyber
Company size (employees)50 to 99
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


SafeGuard Cyber serves 7 of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies globally. We help the industry protect the new social and digital channels that are critical to reach healthcare providers. Our coverage includes all social media channels, and mobile apps such as WhatsApp and WeChat, which no other provider can protect. Additionally we can secure Open Text/Call Notes in the industry’s CRM platform of choice, Veeva. We help our pharmaceutical clients evolve from sampling to automating risk coverage for 100% of all digital communications.

Our comprehensive API integrations powers rapid deployment and allows the platform to adapt quickly to new applications. Our customers can take immediate action, such as initiate takedown requests or quarantine malware, with real-time detection and remediation. Unlike our competitors, our platform empowers action, not just alerts and alarm bells. Full audit trails record every interaction for every post. Our ticketing system can trace the status of individual requests, unlike our competitors who batch requests. The SafeGuard Cyber proactive defense approach enables enterprises to address digital risk, while enabling users to work natively in their applications of choice with a privacy-first opt-in policy.

How we are different

-Machine Learning Risk Analytics: Real-time supervision of user activity and content with contextual analytics and risk scoring to flag content with high potential for policy violations while reducing false positives. On identification and detection of high potential risk events, the system can take immediate action to quarantine the posting and related attachments until communication can be properly reviewed. Our ThreatCortex engine continues to learn from both individual clients and our customer community as a whole to identify and stop new risks, as they evolve.

-Customizable Policy Engine: Powerful policy engine with extensive out-of-the-box policy library. The policy engine provides standard policy rules for broadly applicable and industry-specific regulations including FDA, PII, & HIPAA. Policy rules can be easily extended or customized to meet clients’ unique requirements.

-Compliance Archiving & eDiscovery: Fully configurable policies enable you to automatically capture and preserve the complete digital record of communications to an immutable cloud-scale compliance archive under retention management. Capture includes all communication artifacts in native format and rich detail, including metadata, conversation threads, links, attachments, and images. The archive provides full metadata, text indexing, audit trail, as well as Boolean logic & proximity search capabilities to assist investigators in collecting key information. Administrations can manage legal holds in place, or export archived data in PST or PDF file format to eDiscovery system of choice.