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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionNorth America


SecureSet provides the most complete, immersive and compressed cybersecurity education programs in the country. Our program balance of theory and hands-on lab work prepares our students to jump right into the frontlines of the crisis at hand. In less than four years, SecureSet has grown from one campus and headquarters in Denver, CO to four campuses across the United States: Denver, Colorado Springs, Tampa, and Washington, D.C. To date, SecureSet boasts 250 alumni and a 90% placement rate into 97 security organizations to help fill the cybersecurity talent gap.

SecureSet has also created industry-first articulation agreements into certain four-year universities to enable students to apply a portion of their education to university-level credits toward their higher education. In addition, they have established the SecureSet Foundation, a national non-profit organization that will serve to promote increased diversity in the cybersecurity profession.

Currently there are 300,000+ unfilled cybersecurity jobs in the US alone ( and the demand is expected to increase as cyber threats become more decentralized and businesses become more aware of the importance of these roles. This is not a problem that can be solved by one organization. It requires a network of committed professionals from education (both traditional and non-traditional), private-sector, government organizations, and policy makers. SecureSet is committed to being a partner to the entire ecosystem and cannot fulfill its mission without participation from all stakeholders. For this reason, we do not focus solely on being the premier cybersecurity educator, instead we collaborate across the entire system through articulation agreements, our Employer Network, the SecureSet Foundation, and community events for both professionals and those interested in learning more about cybersecurity. We do not view the shortage of cybersecurity talent as a zero-sum game, where others must fail so we can succeed.

How we are different

Commitment to instructors with industry experience:
We care deeply about technical knowledge, practical experience, and passion for education

Commitment to our students:
We want students with a passion for cybersecurity, grit, curiosity, and natural learners to transition into focused and successful security practitioners

The impact we’ve had and will continue to have on the cybersecurity landscape, especially filling the gap of skilled workers:
SecureSet’s overall impact on both the lives of students and alumni as well as the impact we’ve had with placing 90% of our students into 97 different organizations with security needs as aspects that make us particularly proud. We have also been able to participate with industry groups to support continuing education and mentoring efforts that strengthen the community as a whole.