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In 3 bullets, summarize why this company is different from the competition and deserves recognition:

* Security Mentor pioneered combining robust security training with strong e-learning principles to create engaging, interactive lessons that transforms employees into becoming cyber savvy, and their organization’s best security defense.

* Security Mentor’s groundbreaking training model of 10-minute lessons, delivered monthly combined with high quality, interactive content has revolutionized security awareness training, making Security Mentor the first choice for organizations of all sizes who seek real behavior change and not just to check the box.

* By providing security awareness training that is fun, informative and easy-to-understand, Security Mentor successfully hones an employee’s security skills and teaches them where they are at risk from their own behavior, as well as from cyber attacks and malicious insiders.

In less than 300 words, summarize the achievements of the company in the nominated category

In 2008, Security Mentor pioneered the Brief, Frequent, and Focused™ training delivery model of 10-minute long, single topic lessons released once a month. This model revolutionized how organizations train employees about security, jettisoning the once-a-year training sessions that were tedious and poorly retained, and replacing them with training designed to fit employees’ busy work schedules and keep security top of mind. This model has been so successful that it is now widely adopted. Security Mentor also pioneered utilizing serious games and interactions to teach security. We excel at capturing interest and changing behavior by combining robust security content with hand-illustrated graphics, sleek animations, and interactive content that is both relevant and fun.

We are continually innovating our offerings addressing both customer needs and training enhancements. Recently we introduced gamification rewarding end-users’ individual achievements and adding motivation through group competition. Recognizing the need for integrated management of all aspects of end-user security and compliance, we also added a new service enabling organizations to upload their security policies to our system, which then tracks and reports end-user reading of policies and their attestation to comply with them.

Client’s internal metrics demonstrate the effectiveness of our security training and education program. Clients report reductions in end users clicks on phishing links and opening of malicious attachments, and stopping phishing attacks in real-time because they were reported by end-users who have taken our training. Other clients measured a drop in clean-office violations based on office audits before and after training. Finally, one of the most significant changes observed by many customers is the dramatic improvement in their staff’s attitudes toward security, changing from push-back and resentment, to appreciation, making our security training one the biggest wins for the organization.

5 Responses to “Security Mentor”

  1. Brian Anderson on February 13, 2016

    Absolutely awesome training. Love how intuitive and “human” this security awareness training is…

  2. Kelli Stewart on February 16, 2016

    This hands on training really helps you to learn security practices. I was affected by the most recent DoD breach and thanks to the training, was able to spot a phishing email that was supposedly from the DoD meant to help me set up the free credit monitoring account they offered after the breach.

  3. Alan M. on February 16, 2016

    Best training and trainers around bar none.

  4. The training is divided into logical lessons, allowing trainees to learn about cybersecurity one area at a time. The lessons themselves are informative and offer up interesting facts clearly explaining why every internet user NEEDS to know about the dangers lurking in the digital space. Even as an employee in the IT field, I have learned how to be more vigilant in safeguarding my digital habits and what to watch out for.

  5. Best training program on the market. Very easy to use and love the interactivity it provides. Plus, the content is always fresh. With how quickly the industry is changing, Security Mentor is always on top of things.

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Sign up for your award updates! Join thousands of cybersecurity marketers and professionals to receive the latest news about the upcoming Cybersecurity Excellence Awards.