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Job title of nominated professional (or team name)IT Manager/Lead CIT Instructor
Company (where nominated professional or team is working)TCAT Shelbyville
Company size (employees)40

In 3 bullets, summarize why this professional or team deserves recognition:

*Steve's dedication to more than 70+ students and committing more than 70 hours weekly shows his commitment to the IT Profession. His commitment to placing students in the IT industry is above reproach.

*Volunteering time for annual security events by speaking or demonstration his skills at the Annual Cyber Summit, local Chambers of Commerce, educational events, industries, businesses, public and other events to share his knowledge of educating IT Security Professionals should be recognized. (The Cyber Summit is sponsored by the Department of Justice as an annual event for FBI, TBI, law enforcement, utilities, safety and other Information Technology leaders in Middle Tennessee.) Steve is a member of the FBI's Infragard and advises law enforcement at Local, State and Federal levels.

*His knowledge of cyber security is passed along to his students who are placed (excellent placement rate) in the IT industry in fortune 500 companies or U.S. Government positions. The dedication he shows in training and placement is well above average at most higher-ed institutions.

Brief Overview

Steve’s commitment to his program and the IT profession shows in winning more than six national awards along with being invited to the White House on June 30, 2015 for CTE’s “Excellence in Action” Award. With a program that is committed to excellence in IT, Steve continues to stay abreast on changes in IT security while modifying the curriculum for students.

While educating more than 60+ students annually for seventeen years, Steve is responsible for delivering content at the main campus while streaming to 20 other students at a remote location. Delivery of the materials is not only by in-person and live streaming but also he makes an effort to visit and deliver content in-person to the remote campus. Content from the program is not just based on theory, but on the student’s ability to perform real world hands-on in the security realm.