The Power of the Query.AI Security Investigations Platform

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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


The status quo for companies today is to centralize all their security data for security investigations; however, today’s data volume, variety and distribution make this traditional method impractical and extraordinarily expensive.

The Query.AI Security Investigations Platform addresses this industry challenge by unlocking access to and value from cybersecurity data wherever it is stored – across cloud, third-party SaaS, and on-prem environments – regardless of vendor or technology, without requiring centralization. The Query.AI platform does this by serving as the connective tissue that delivers federated search to conduct cybersecurity operations across data silos. Specifically, the platform:
• Provides a unified browser interface, which plugs into existing security technologies quickly and easily using APIs, providing users a single console from which to simultaneously investigate across all tools.
• Gives security teams the flexibility to query across cybersecurity systems and contextual information stores with the simplicity of a single query — via text, natural language, or Unified Query Language, so security analysts don’t need to be experts in individual systems. Analysts simply ask questions and get the answers they need easily and quickly.
• Alleviates privacy and governance concerns about enterprise data with a platform architecture that doesn’t store, process, or require vendor access to the data.

Overall, with the Query.AI security investigations platform, companies have access to data where it lives, and can enjoy privacy by design, investigate in minutes, and respond with one-click orchestration. The overall benefits of the platform include massive cost savings, more efficient security investigations across real-time and historical data sources, and reduced security analyst ramp-up time.

Further validating this industry need, Query.AI is currently engaging in conversations with many Fortune 1000 companies, vendor partners, and industry analysts who have all stated that its platform is providing a much-needed solution to a large industry problem.

How we are different

• Query.AI is accelerating security investigations by providing a patented browser-based platform that delivers real-time access and centralized insights to decentralized data no matter where it lives – in the cloud, on-prem or with third-party SaaS providers – without transferring or duplicating data. Additionally, with the cybersecurity skill shortage and the typical 18–24-month cycle to train security analysts, the platform allows organizations to hire people without security background and train them much more quickly because the platform eliminates the need for learning the different languages for all the different security tools by using text, natural language or Unified Query language.

• Query.AI uses an API-driven approach and is continually expanding its library of integrations to give customers the reach they need to access historical and real-time data stored anywhere so they can more quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively address cybersecurity threats. The Query.AI platform currently provides centralized access to decentralized data across more than 150 of the most widely used enterprise technologies in cloud infrastructure and security, SaaS and applications, SIEM and log management, endpoint security, email and communications, vulnerability, threat Intelligence, network, security instrumentation, identity and HR, MDR, ticketing, and CRM, SOAR, and XDR.

• The Query.AI platform simplifies incident management, giving security teams the ability to simultaneously normalize, aggregate, enrich, visualize, and analyze alert data that lives across cybersecurity systems with a unified browser interface. With the Query.AI platform, security analysts can overcome the challenge of alert fatigue while expediting threat investigation and response.