ThriveDX – An End-to-End Human Factor Cyber Solution

Additional Info

Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Headquarters RegionNorth America


ThriveDX is the only company in the market offering end-to-end cyber solutions that focus directly on people, with both cybersecurity training to upskill employees as well as talent solutions to close the cybersecurity skills gap. Through combining best-in-class cyber companies (Cybint Solutions, Kontra Application Security, Lucy Security, ThriveDX Labs and HackerU Pro) under one umbrella, the company has created the unique ability to cover enterprises in 360 degrees of human factor security. ThriveDX’s solutions cover classroom to boardroom, providing student bootcamps and talent matching services for reskilling and role-based cybersecurity awareness training to upskill the existing workforce. At a time when there are currently 4 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs globally and cyber incidents are skyrocketing, ThriveDX is providing an invaluable service to enterprises, closing the worldwide cybersecurity talent gap and providing human factor security to stop attacks where technology alone cannot. ThriveDX’s suite of solutions cover everyone in a company providing awareness training and phishing simulations for employees, executive training for non-tech c-suite leaders, appsec and IT security for tech professionals, and talent and hands-on skills training to upskill security professionals. The company provides a combination of realistic learning, training and simulation solutions in real-time, ensuring that employees are armed with the very latest knowledge needed to respond to modern attacks.

How we are different

* Instead of generic security awareness training that is ineffective and does little to move the needle of human risk, ThriveDX provides tailored attack simulations built specifically to a customer’s needs, with relevant training customized for specific industries, tech stacks and even employee groups.

* The team is comprised of military-trained cyber experts, industry veterans, and educators specializing in the human-side of cybersecurity. In addition, since some of the most common ways external attacks are executed is through vulnerabilities in software and web applications, ThriveDX provides the most effective application security training for developers, covering secure coding best practices and providing real-world content to tackle complex vulnerabilities. The Application Security Training is more realistic and has higher user adoption because it aligns with what developers want in a product, instead of simply checking a compliance box. This delivers better results and more thorough training.

* Finally, ThriveDX Cyber Match provides screening, training and placement of skilled employees. To date, the company has trained 5 million users and offers more than 300 training modules in 130 languages. More than 50,000 learners have graduated from the company’s unique cyber bootcamps, and with its 50+ higher education partners,