Trusted Home by Irdeto/Minim

Additional Info

Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Headquarters RegionEurope
Type of solutionSoftware


Trusted Home by Irdeto and Minim is an AI-driven Wi-Fi management and security platform that enables broadband providers to deliver a better, safer connected experience. Its intuitive service portal transforms support teams into smart home experts overnight, providing AI-powered network-level threat detection and remote troubleshooting features; and its self-care mobile app empowers broadband subscribers to personalize and optimize their home internet. As a result, the platform helps broadband providers boost customer satisfaction and retention while lowering operating expenses like truck rolls and support calls.

Trusted Home is designed for modern internet service delivery in an era of billions of connected devices, exponential cybersecurity threats, and growing consumer expectations. The platform has detected that, in a given month, more than 30% of home networks experience some type of malware event.
Meanwhile, most consumer IoT devices lack built-in security and manufacturer support for automatic firmware updates. The result? Home networks are attack vector ridden, leaving subscriber privacy and data at risk.

With Trusted Home, broadband providers and their subscribers are given peace of mind. The platform employs proprietary IoT fingerprinting technology to automatically uncover 26 attributes per connected device (e.g., Make, Model, Friendly Name, Time Last Seen, Signal Strength) and to identify abnormal device behavior and threat attempts. Its comprehensive network-level security approach also protects the router from attacks and breaches with 24/7 monitoring and updates, aggregating all threat intel (including severity levels and descriptions) into an easily accessible dashboard.

Deployed via the broadband provider’s CPE of choice, Trusted Home makes delivering secure, reliable connectivity simple. Its lightweight software agent integrates seamlessly into leading brands of modems, gateways, routers, extenders, and mesh Wi-Fi systems, now including Motorola brand internet access products, for the ultimate connected experience.

How we are different

• Solution is CPE agnostic allowing flexibility to operators on their choice of CPE supplier. Other solutions locks-in ISPs to a particular hardware.
• All in-one-solution offering wifi-management, security, and parental control across all connected devices and managed with an easy to use, elegant, and comprehensive IoS/Android app and/or web portal.
• A customer care portal with the same real-time visibility of what is happening in the home that allows the service rep to see what the customer care is experiencing.