TXOne Portable Inspector

Additional Info

CompanyTXOne Networks Inc.
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionAsia
Type of solutionHardware


Organizations in OT verticals work with highly regulated, sensitive equipment that is often unable to accept installations or any changes in configuration. Without a portable, installation-free scanning device, satisfying regulations and keeping their assets secured is much more difficult. TXOne Portable Inspector devices also create an inventory of devices scanned that is viewable from one centralized console. With these features, TXOne Portable Inspector makes these regulatory challenges much easier to overcome and has already been used successfully on regulation-sensitive assets by organizations in transportation, banking, pharmaceutical, and energy.

Other air-gapped and standalone ICS inspection tools only do a fraction of what Portable Inspector can do. It supports both Linux and Windows, while most others are stuck on Windows only. This latest edition extends the scope of the scan by adding system vulnerability information into the scan log, turning the scanner tool from purely a security inspector to a security inventory collector. Security administrators can easily access an overview of OS variants and vulnerability statistics for all the assets scanned by Portable Inspector. High visibility of vulnerabilities is a cornerstone for risk management in terms of cybersecurity.

Most importantly, Portable Inspector allows operators to perform various security tasks without violating the sales/services terms set by any given asset manufacturer, all without requiring installation. This has been a recurring dilemma for security managers and finally we have an approach that meets both ends.

Portable Inspector is design with simplicity so that security functions within it can easily be performed without a need of training.

How we are different

Portable Inspector is designed for OT, as the gate keeper for all assets to be introduced into the plants. It is an essential tool for regulation compliance in terms of security investigation.

- Installation-free
Most other investigation tools requires a software agent installed, and therefore prohibited by the company policies. Portable Inspector, instead, is created in the form of a USB stock. During the entire system inspection process, no system footprint is left on the asset. This also allows the users to investigate the security status from multiple assets, by a single license of Portable Inspector.

- Malware-free
Portable Inspector not only scans for malware but also system vulnerabilities. The collected system information can be centralized into the ElementOne management console for the asset owners to have a comprehensive view of the overall asset security level and vulnerability overview. This visibility is a corner stone for fore-going risk management.

- Worry-free
In the form of USB Stick, Portable Inspector also serves as a USB file storage, transferring files securely in the OT environments. In an air-gapped environment, a big portion of malware is distributed by removable storages, and the securely designed Portable Inspector covers this loophole. Also, a malware-free report can be generated after security investigation. This is also a decent documents for the regulation compliance or for the security audits.