Virtru Data-Centric Security

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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Virtru empowers organizations to easily unlock the power of data while maintaining control everywhere it’s stored and shared. More than 8,000 global customers trust Virtru to power their Zero Trust strategies and safeguard their most sensitive data. Creators of the Trusted Data Format, the open industry standard for persistent data protection, Virtru provides encryption technology for data shared through email, collaboration tools, cloud environments, and enterprise SaaS applications.

Virtru brings easy-to-use data protection to the public and private sectors, empowering organizations and government agencies to safeguard their most important data with tools that integrate into the applications they use every day. In the past year, Virtru:

—Launched general availability of Client-Side Encryption key management for Google Workspace. This update equips organizations to make their data indecipherable to Google using encryption across Google Workspace without sacrificing Google’s market-leading collaboration capabilities.

—Expanded Virtru Secure Share, which empowers organizations to securely send and receive files with individuals inside and outside their organization. Users retain complete control over their shared data and can revoke access to it at any time.

—Launched a joint solution with Nightfall that seamlessly integrates a powerful DLP engine with end-to-end email encryption to automatically encrypt and control sensitive information shared via email, helping organizations meet compliance requirements.

—Launched an open source initiative, OpenTDF, that enables developers to incorporate Zero Trust Data Control into their applications. With OpenTDF, developers can encrypt and protect sensitive data flowing in and out of their applications while applying data policies to enable Zero Trust data control. Virtru also launched SecureCycle, a sample application built on OpenTDF that demonstrates how OpenTDF safeguards private health information — in this case, sensitive data related to period tracking and symptoms.

How we are different

---Virtru gives the data owner complete control of their own information. Too often, people lose the ability to control their own private information. Virtru empowers organizations to put the control in the data owner’s hands — whether it’s a mortgage application, private health information, educational records, or other sensitive data. With Virtru, when someone shares information — even with a contact outside their organization — they have the autonomy to change access permissions or revoke access entirely, at any time they choose. This builds trust and confidence that sensitive information is being properly protected.

---Virtru is remarkably easy to use. Protecting sensitive information shouldn’t be difficult. Virtru prioritizes ease of use in its product design, and it’s one of the top reasons that customers choose them — from schools to large banks to federal government agencies and beyond. Recipients don’t need to download any software or set up any new accounts to access encrypted information; they can use their existing credentials.

---Virtru is versatile, protecting a wide range of data flows. Data is everywhere, and it’s always moving, which can create headaches for IT and Security teams tasked with preventing data breaches and exfiltration. Virtru can automate protection for data moving into an organization, as well as outside of an organization — so if an email is sent to the wrong person, or a file containing customer details was shared externally, admins and users have the ability to instantly revoke access, extending control beyond the perimeter. Virtru data protection is available for client-side encryption and access control in Google and Microsoft ecosystems; automated server-side protection; large file transfers; as an SDK for developers; and as a layer of security for SaaS applications like Zendesk. The possibilities are endless.