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Wombat believes education is about more than sharing facts and figures. Wombat’s assessment tools and suite of interactive training modules have two equally important aims: to help a company’s employees understand security threats and implement the best practices needed to reduce risks to their organization. Using the Wombat Security Awareness and Training Methodology, customers have benefited in many areas, including reduced malware infections (up to 95%), reduced successful phishing attacks (up to 90%), fewer helpdesk calls, increased reporting of incidents by employees, and an overall improved security posture. These results are achieved by implementing Wombat’s Assess, Educate, Reinforce, and Measure methodology. Program administrators (or CSOs) can easily manage security awareness and training programs from one cloud-based system:

• Create personal training assignments that CSOs define
• Select from a robust set of brief software-based interactive training modules
• Monitor employee completion of assignments
• Identify users with most risk
• Manage all training programs from one cloud-based system

Wombat’s security awareness training solution integrates mock phishing attacks and training capabilities in a unified platform to make it easier for security officers to deploy security training programs while improving results. With an easy-to-use interface, security officers can quickly create mock attack campaigns and assign training from a single platform. Having this tight integration between mock attacks and training enables CSOs to reduce risk and has been proven to reduce malware infections and successful phishing attacks from the wild by up to 90%.

As a result of effective training provided by Wombat, Ponemon estimates a cost savings of $1.8 million or $188.4 per employee/user. If companies paid Wombat’s standard fee of $3.69 per user for a program for up to 10,000 users, Ponemon determined a very substantial net benefit of $184.7 per user – for a remarkable annual rate of return on investment of 50X.

How we are different

- Learning Science Principles: Wombat’s training solutions utilize multiple learning science principles to engage the learner, lengthen retention and change behavior. Wombat’s training software helps employees practice as they learn, provides immediate feedback for right and wrong answers, and provides teachable moments to show a learner what they don’t know.

- Automating Attacks and Training: Wombat’s simulated attacks are integrated with 10-15 minute in-depth training modules so that all who fall for attacks can be assigned training that can be completed at their convenience. This integration can increase end user training completion to over 90%.

– One stop shop: many CSOs have been forced to cobble together numerous vendor solutions at a high cost—and with less than stellar results. Wombat has a fully integrated solution with a single unified platform that combines knowledge assessments, mock attacks and interactive training to quickly and measurably improve employee behavior.