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Job title of nominated professional (or team name)Founder and CEO of Xmirror Security
Company (where nominated professional or team is working)Xmirror Security
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionAsia


Zhang Tao, Founder and CEO of Xmirror Security, Dr. of Peking University, expert of DevSecOps agile security technology, Chief Product Manager of Xmirror. Since the establishment of Xmirro, he always upholds the White-hat hackers “Anti-black, secure white” mind, dedicated to research cutting-edge information security technology, academic achievements and industrial practice experience as a product research and development guidance, repeatedly ahead of the industry published forward-looking forecast, successfully lead Xmirror security become a domestic leading company in the field of DevSecOps agile security.


He has the industry-leading technical concepts and practical achievements. While studying in the Information Security Laboratory of Peking University, Zhang Tao has participated in a number of national longitudinal academic projects. He is a pioneer of DevSecOps concept in China and has many years of experience in deep learning and online offensive and defense research. He pioneered the "Xmirror DevSecOps Intelligent Adaptive Threat Management System", which has a significant impact in the networks security industry. At present, Xmirror DevSecOps Intelligent Adaptive Threat Management System has been iterated to the third generation.

He has won a number of original invention patent authorization and honors. In the past year, Zhang Tao has been granted six original invention patents in the network security technology field. In addition, he has won many honors such as Award of Leading Person in China Information Security Industry, Person of the Year at Peking University, New Talent in China Software and Information Service Industry, and Excellent Entrepreneurship Representative. Additionally, under his leadership, Xmirror obtained more than 20 industry awards.

Keep diversify and openness, is his management philosophy. Zhang Tao believes that as practitioners and researchers in the networks security industry, they should be committed to exploring the nature of security as well as the next generation of security technology. He led Xmirror to research on cutting-edge technologies, transformed academic achievements into solutions that can be actually applied to business scenarios, assort with practical application scenarios to promote the rapid iteration of technology, products and solutions. Under his leadership, Xmirror has been making progress in DevSecOps, formed the definite industry advantage with its technology, and has expanded dozens of benchmark customers.