HelpSystems Data Security Suite 

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Company HelpSystems
Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Type of solutionSoftware


Protecting sensitive data at creation, use, exchange, and disposal, wherever it travels, requires a heavy lift. HelpSystems’ Data Security Suite offers modular data security solutions to target immediate pain points for organizations of any size with the flexibility to develop more rounded data security as needs evolve.

The foundation of this approach is HelpSystems’ Data Classification. As a best practice, this technology identifies and establishes value to data coming into or out of an organization. Starting with this foundational solution helps support and accelerate additional data protection adoption and reduce user error.

HelpSystems’ Data Loss Protection (DLP) and Email Security solutions protect against phishing and spoofing, ransomware and spyware, and unapproved or inappropriate sharing. Through redaction, encryption, and automated processes, HelpSystems’ DLP and Email Security secures sensitive information while still allowing legitimate communications to continue, unlike some solutions, which stall business with all-out “blocks” of legitimate communications.

With more and more data exchanged with entities outside the organization, HelpSystems’ Managed File Transfer (MFT) solutions adds a layer of protection to files while they are in motion and at rest. Enterprise-level technology with encryption and automation can centralize, simplify, integrate, and move data anywhere swiftly and securely across all environments and applications. Collaboration and data sharing are more secure and streamlined when maximizing the data security solutions of HelpSystems’ content analysis, adaptive DLP, and managed file transfer.

And, no matter where those sanitized and secure files travel, HelpSystems’ Digital Rights Management software controls access to sensitive data to ensure encryption protection is placed around its access, use, and intellectual property both inside and outside the organization.

Layering HelpSystems’ streamlined, automated solutions for DLP, email security, managed file transfer, and digital rights management help enforce data security policies all the way through the data’s lifecycle from its creation to its ultimate deletion.

How we are different

• The HelpSystems Data Security Suite addresses the need for modularity when considering data security as a total lifecycle endeavour. 
• Addressing broad data security with a single vendor allows for initial pain points to be quickly addressed with more rounded protection secured with additional components added as needed. 
• Centralized, automated solutions protect data at rest, at creation, in transit, or while in use, ensuring regulatory compliance and user adoption of threat protection measures.