5Q Centry Managed Security

Additional Info

Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionService


5Q Centry is an enhanced Security Operations Center as a Service (SOCaaS) that connects 5Q’s team of cyber experts to Azure Sentinel instance. 5Q Centry provides seven layers of defense including, extended detection and repsonse, proactive threat hunting and playbooks, monthly external vulnerability scanning, dark web monitoring, incident response plan integration, root cause incident analysis, and actionable reporting. Using a blend of AI and human analysis, 5Q’s SOCaaS provides a level-up of protection compared to other SOC products and services. One client with over 200 employees and 30 properties across the US experienced 96.3k logins. 50.8k of those were failed attempts. If even one of those was a successful attempt, the client would be at risk of a breach, but our engineers caught every single one. The Centry Managed Security solution also evolves with cyber threats. Every day, hackers are developing new ways to infiltrate networks. 5Q evolves with them, preventing even the newest attacks from taking hold. Additionally, utilizing 5Q Centry helps our clients check off almost 40% of controls in a NIST CSF cyber security assessment. 5Q Centry also provides a real-time view of IT systems, users, and networks enabling the ability to identify potential threats and vulnerabilities before they can cause damage. 5Q Centry Managed Security is also uniquely built to support Commercial Real Estate organizations. With properties spread across the continent and often the globe, Centry Managed Security is an affordable but thorough way to protect networks, properties, and end users across the world.

Key Capabilities / Features

-extended detection and repsonse
-proactive threat hunting and playbooks
-monthly external vulnerability scanning
-dark web monitoring
-incident response plan integration
-root cause incident analysis
-actionable reporting.

How we are different

-Our SOC combines AI and human analysis to catch cyber threats before they become an issue. In many cases, 5Q engineers have caught threats before AI.
-With a focus on CRE, 5Q Centry is different from the competition in understanding the functions and layout of CRE organizations, ensuring their networks, including Proptech, OT, and IoT are protected as well as their end users across the globe.
-5Q Centry gets you access to our top cyber security engineers with decades of experience in the cyber security for CRE space.