Abnormal Security’s AI-Native Platform for Human Behavior Security Protects Against the Human Vulnerability in Cloud Email

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CompanyAbnormal Security
Company size (employees)500 to 999
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Abnormal Security is an AI-native email security platform that deeply understands human behavior to stop advanced inbound email attacks—including business email compromise, vendor fraud, and credential phishing—as well as email account compromises and posture misconfigurations.

Email is the biggest threat vector in organizations today. Not only is it the broadest and easiest way for attackers to engage with their targets, it also exposes a major vulnerability: human behavior. Humans inherently trust their digital communications, which is then exploited by attackers through social engineering.

Unfortunately, modern trends are only worsening this human vulnerability. For instance, as generative AI tools like ChatGPT proliferated last year, cybercriminals have weaponized them to launch highly targeted email attacks that are costing businesses millions of dollars. And with the interconnected nature of cloud email, access to a single account can provide a way to access other applications across the enterprise.

Traditional secure email gateways (SEGs) struggle to stop these advanced attacks because they are designed to detect known indicators of compromise, like malicious attachments and suspicious links. And cybercriminals have figured out how to bypass these legacy solutions simply by sending text-based, socially-engineered emails that omit traditional indicators of compromise and appear legitimate.

Abnormal provides a modern solution to this human vulnerability in email security. Instead of looking for known-bad behavior, it uses an AI-native and API-based architecture to baseline known-good behavior across the email environment and then detects attacks based on anomalous activity.

As a result of this approach, Abnormal:
– Installs in 60 seconds via API
– Remediates malicious emails in milliseconds
– Reduces the time security teams spend on email security by 95%
– Reduces the number of costly email attacks by 4x
– Provides an extra two days of productivity per employee each year
– Has allowed 70% of customers to replace their costly SEGs with Abnormal

Key Capabilities / Features

Inbound Email Security is Abnormal’s core product, and is the only email security solution that uses behavioral AI to detect advanced attacks with high precision. In addition to this solution, Abnormal provides a number of other add-on products, including:

- Email-Like Messaging Security – scans for malicious links in message threads across Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom
- Abuse Mailbox Automation – automates the user-reported email workflow to save security analysts time
- Email Productivity – provides adaptive graymail protection to improve employee productivity
- Email and Email-Like Security Posture Management – uncovers high-impact changes to user privileges, app permissions, and tenant security risks, across both email and collaboration apps, highlighting key configuration risks
- Email and Email-Like Account Takeover Protection – detects compromised email accounts as well as compromised accounts in Slack and Zoom, and then automatically blocks access, forces a password reset, and ends all active sessions

Abnormal is also continuously innovating to meet evolving customer needs and protect against emerging threats. Last year, Abnormal launched:

- A strategic integration with CrowdStrike to provide comprehensive identity-based protection across both email and endpoints
- The CheckGPT tool to detect AI-generated email threats
- Enhanced capabilities to detect and block QR code (“quishing”) attacks

The strength of Abnormal’s product is why 2,000+ customers, including 15% of the Fortune 500, put their trust in Abnormal, sharing a 99% “Would Recommend” rating on Gartner Peer Insights. Abnormal’s unique behavioral AI approach is a major driver behind the company’s 100% year over year growth, and why it is now one of the fastest-growing cybersecurity companies of all time.

How we are different

Abnormal differentiates from competitors in three key ways:

1) Human Behavior Modeling. The API-based platform ingests significantly more behavioral data signals across multiple platforms as compared to traditional security solutions, which can only access a limited amount of data solely from email. Compared to a SEG, Abnormal has access to 10x more behavioral data signals, including thousands of signals spanning IP addresses, communication patterns and user relationships, authentication activity, and more.

By analyzing this data, Abnormal intricately models the behaviors, interactions, and relationships of every employee and vendor associated with an organization. As a result, the platform gains a deep understanding of human behavior within an organizational context and can produce a comprehensive model for detection and defense, setting the platform apart from traditional email security solutions.

Additionally, because SEGs are network-based, they can take weeks or even months to implement. They are also manual to manage, requiring constant policy updates to block evolving threat signatures. Abnormal on the other hand, takes just minutes to implement via API and requires no configuration or policy updates.

2) Behavioral AI Detection: Leveraging its behavioral modeling insights, the platform employs advanced AI techniques, such as computer vision and NLP, to analyze communication patterns, comparing them against established behavioral norms to identify anomalies indicative of potential threats.

While traditional SEG detection is limited to static threat signatures, Abnormal’s behavioral AI approach means it can detect malicious activity even when cybercriminals evolve their attacks and use novel tactics.

3) Multi-dimensional Defense: Abnormal provides multi-layered defense that extends beyond traditional detection and covers a wide range of channels, including protection for all internal and external email communications, as well as communications across collaboration platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams. It also provides proactive protection including security posture management and autonomous account takeover detection and response.

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