Accedian’s Skylight Interceptor

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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionSoftware


Accedian’s Skylight Interceptor is a Network Detection and Response solution (NDR) that helps organizations proactively identify threats that hide deep within the network and are often missed by other security solutions. Interceptor protects the network from Zero-Day attacks by delivering prioritized, context-rich incidents to speed detection and response of security threats. Traffic is analyzed and dynamically correlated in real-time, delivering context rich, actionable intelligence. This helps organizations of all sizes make informed decisions, regardless of the level of their security expertise.

With Accedian’s Skylight Interceptor, organizations can:

Protect from the threats that evade perimeter security – Skylight Interceptor provides deep visibility into network traffic, capturing per-packet intel, or metadata, as it traverses the network, protecting from zero-day attacks that other security measures may miss.
Simplify threat hunting and forensics – The solution allows users to gain comprehensive, high-quality network traffic data for threat hunting as well as the ability to search for forensic details in seconds. The solution also uses AI/ML to only generate alerts on legitimate cyber threats, preserving resources and eliminating alert fatigue.
Confidently and quickly respond to network threats – Interceptor helps companies reduce time to resolution (TTR) by seamlessly connecting information across multiple systems and escalating tickets via collaboration tools for assignment and triage.

Skylight Interceptor harmonizes Security and IT operations with a common platform, thereby removing the operational barriers that exist between organizational functions. The Skylight platform can monitor a multitude of devices, systems, and environments, using the same sensors deployed throughout the network – for both performance and security, thereby bridging the gap between NetOps and SecOps.

How we are different

- Accedian’s Skylight Interceptor maps the network and its assets. It monitors North/South and East/West traffic and delivers context-rich alerts, incidents, and events. This simplifies threat hunting and enables organizations of all sizes and security expertise to identify and prioritize threats, thereby eliminating false positives and achieving Mean-Time-To-Resolve (MTTR) faster.

- By leveraging common network sensors with the Accedian Skylight network performance monitoring and diagnostic platform (NPMD), Interceptor unifies both SecOps and NetOps and helps to remove functional obstacles, delivering a holistic Zero Trust Architecture.

- Interceptor provides a more cost-effective option than other solutions available on the market for forensics and hunting because it uses per-packet intel, or metadata, to save 100% of the traffic for historical lookback purposes, at a fraction of the storage need.