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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionNorth America


We aim to deliver the fastest, most accurate and cost-effective continuous behavioral authentication anywhere providing frictionless Immutable IdentityTM (real-time, instantaneous, continuous behavior-based identity authentication) through Digital DNA.

How we are different

1. In November 2018, Acceptto launched out of stealth mode with the introduction of its Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning (AIML)-powered Continuous Behavioral Authentication™ platform, the first solution to offer a no-password authentication process through behavioral continuous authentication solution, detecting anomalies - even post-authorization - and allowing organizations to track and monitor application behavior at runtime.

2. Acceptto is built of a dedicated team of principal AIML research scientists, top security architects from leading security companies who focus on identity management and encryption, and is lead by a C-Suite co-founder, CTO and CEO that has over 60 years of product research and development, experience designing ten Intel microprocessors, and more than 100 issued and pending patents and publications. Also, the startup’s clients-partners are made up of forward thinking CEOs, CIOs and CSOs who have joined the journey to drive a paradigm shift in identity access management.

3. Acceptto delivers an end-to-end platform supporting all enterprise, mobile, web, workstation and IoT application authentication needs with a frictionless user experience and a scalable continuous authentication Single Sign-On (SSO) solution for key enterprise stack (VPN, Azure-O365, Citrix, SSH, RDP, Vmware, Salesforce, Windows 10 Credential Provider , Mac OS Credential etc). This cross mobile, web, workstation and IoT unified user experience provides significant savings to enterprises through orchestration and best in-class risk engine, compliance and audit - through a single pane of glass.