Adaptiva OneSite Patch: The Fastest Way to Patch and Manage Your Endpoints at Scale

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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionSoftware


OneSite Patch is the fastest way to patch and manage your endpoints at scale. Adaptiva developed OneSite Patch to eliminate the manual work of patching to help organizations reduce risk and secure their endpoints quickly.

Rapidly evolving endpoint vulnerabilities puts all aspects of enterprise infrastructure, data, reputation, and revenue at risk. Attack surfaces are increasingly difficult to manage due to endless applications, sprawling endpoints, and geographically distributed workplaces. Meanwhile, IT pros are burdened with a manual, time-consuming patching process that makes rapid patch deployments a challenge.

Adaptiva’s OneSite Patch quickly remediates vulnerabilities by automating the enterprise patching process from start to finish. With OneSite Patch, IT teams can instantly deploy third-party, Windows 10, and Windows 11 patches to secure endpoints—regardless of their connection or location—all without impacting network bandwidth.

Customizable to each organization’s needs, OneSite Patch enhances compliance and security posture. Its adaptability and real-time visibility streamline operations, ensuring immediate, network-agnostic patch delivery.

With 20 years as a leader in endpoint management and 10 million licensed endpoints, the world’s largest enterprise and government organizations rely on Adaptiva and OneSite Patch for autonomous endpoint management. Adaptiva’s 100% customer support satisfaction rating and its impressive roster of clients including industry giants like FedEx, CitiBank, Tyson Foods, Nokia, Bridgestone, ADT, USPS, US Coast Guard, and Walgreens are a resounding testament to the company’s commitment to excellence.

Key Capabilities / Features

Adaptiva's OneSite Patch distinguishes itself in the cybersecurity field through its innovative approach to patch management. OneSite Patch is defined by its key capabilities:
1. Comprehensive and Risk-Based Patching: With the industry’s largest patch library that supports over 1,500 third-party applications, OneSite Patch ensures comprehensive vulnerability coverage. It excels in risk-based prioritization, allowing organizations to focus on the most critical vulnerabilities first. This capability ensures that resources are allocated efficiently, addressing the highest risks to maintain a robust security posture.
2. Off-Network Delivery: Recognizing the modern workforce's mobility, OneSite Patch delivers patches directly to endpoints, regardless of their network connectivity. This off-network delivery is essential for securing remote and mobile workers without compromising network performance or incurring additional costs. It ensures all endpoints remain up-to-date with the latest patches, closing security gaps and enhancing overall protection against cyber threats.
3. Unprecedented Administrative Control : OneSite Patch empowers administrators with Flex Controls, offering unmatched flexibility in managing patch deployments. These controls allow for the pausing, canceling, or rolling back of patch deployments in real-time. Such granular control is critical for responding to any issues that arise during deployment, ensuring that administrators can swiftly take corrective action without disrupting business operations.

Adaptiva’s OneSite Patch is the leader in the Patch Management Category not merely for its features, but for how it has fundamentally transformed patch management. It is the only solution that achieves a balance between automation and control, bridging the gap between cybersecurity and IT teams. This solution makes patch management seamless for organizations of all sizes so they can adopt a proactive approach to vulnerability remediation. It’s ability to meet the diverse needs of today’s enterprise organizations with precision and agility sets a new benchmark for excellence in patch management.

How we are different

Through its innovative features, intelligent automation, and unparalleled efficiency, Adaptiva’s OneSite Patch exemplifies the future of autonomous endpoint management. OneSite patch stands out as a leader in the Patch and Configuration Management Category in the following ways:
• Unmatched Automation and Efficiency: OneSite Patch stands out by automating the patch management process, eliminating the need for manual intervention from start to finish. This automation extends to every aspect of patch deployment, including patch discovery, approvals, deployment, and compliance reporting. Unlike other solutions that offer partial automation or require manual oversight, OneSite Patch's end-to-end automation significantly reduces deployment times, minimizes human errors, and enhances operational efficiency. Its capability to rapidly deploy patches across thousands of endpoints simultaneously without impacting network performance is unparalleled, showcasing a significant advancement in how organizations can maintain cybersecurity in an complex enterprise environment.
• Customization and Adaptability: Distinguishing itself from one-size-fits-all solutions, OneSite Patch provides unparalleled customization options that allow IT administrators to tailor the patching process to meet their organization’s specific needs, compliance requirements, and risk tolerance levels. This level of adaptability ensures that each organization can implement a patch management strategy that aligns perfectly with their operational processes, security policies, and unique IT infrastructure. Such customization is not found in other patch management tools, making OneSite Patch a highly versatile solution capable of fitting into diverse IT landscapes.
• Immediate, Network-Agnostic Patch Delivery: OneSite Patch's approach to patch delivery enables immediate deployment to any endpoint, regardless of its network connection status or geographical location, without incurring additional infrastructure costs or impacting network bandwidth. This capability is especially critical in today’s dispersed work environments, where endpoints can vary from office-based to remote setups. Other solutions struggle to match this level of efficiency and flexibility, often requiring significant bandwidth or additional infrastructure, which can introduce delays and increase costs.