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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionMiddle East


Adaptive Shield enables organizations using SaaS applications, regardless of size and industry, to secure their entire SaaS ecosystem. Adaptive Shield does this by strengthening the company’s SaaS security posture, and detecting and responding to threats. Adaptive Shield’s SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM) platform delivers a proactive, deep, continuous, and automated approach to securing SaaS apps, users, and devices, as well as threat detection mechanisms to identify indications of compromise (IOCs). As a SaaS offering that integrates with over 150 SaaS apps out-of-the-box, the solution can be live in minutes and cover the organization’s entire SaaS stack.

Since emerging from stealth in 2020, Adaptive Shield’s SSPM business has achieved a steady business performance, with a consistent triple digit year-over-year (YoY) growth rate. With strategic partnerships, go-to-market strategies, and technology investments, Adaptive Shield is capturing growth across verticals; banking, financial, services, and insurance and retail/eCommerce.

How we are different

Enterprises today are using hundreds of SaaS apps on average, making wide SaaS security coverage critical. Adaptive Shield’s platform enables enterprises to continue adopting SaaS apps and achieve greater productivity while staying safe. In addition to 150+ out-of-the-box integrations of the most popular SaaS apps – the widest coverage in the industry – any custom app can be integrated with an easy-to-use integration tool.

The need for clear visibility into the SaaS ecosystem requires depth of SaaS app coverage.

The Adaptive Shield platform differentiates itself by enabling security teams to manage an array of critical use cases that include the following:

- Misconfiguration Management: Monitor and manage security misconfigurations through in-depth security checks and auto/step-by-step remediation.

- SaaS-to-SaaS access: Adaptive Shield’s SSPM platform can detect and control all sanctioned and unsanctioned 3rd-party SaaS applications connected to a company’s core SaaS hubs and the level of risk they pose to the business.
Identity Security Posture Management strengthens the governance of SaaS users, providing consolidated visibility of user accounts, permissions, and privileged activities.
Device to SaaS app coverage: Correlate SaaS app users, roles, and permissions with their associated devices' hygiene. This end-to-end tactic enables a holistic zero-trust approach to SaaS security that is only now coming into the picture.
ITDR: Detect and respond to SaaS threats and UEBA such as brute force attacks, password sprays, unusual logins, and more.

- Ease of usability of the Adaptive Shield platform enables organizations to set up and integrate apps seamlessly, improving SaaS security posture from the get-go. Adaptive Shield’s easy-to-use UI/UX allows easy adoption of the platform, encouraging both security teams and app owners to use the tool for effective team collaboration.