Advanced Endpoint Protection

Additional Info

CompanyComodo Cybersecurity
Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Type of solutionSoftware


Comodo AEP is a complete endpoint protection platform comprising multiple security technologies, including anti-virus, host-based intrusion prevention system (HIPS), web filtering, personal firewall, white/blacklisting, application control, behavior analyzer, device control, vulnerability analyzer, patching and Secure Auto-Containment. It also provides management/reporting in an integrated package that maximizes security and administration effectiveness while minimizing support burdens.

With unknown, zero-day and advanced persistent threats on the rise, a single ‘Patient Zero’ infection is all it takes to cause serious damage. The industry stubbornly sticks to an outdated ‘default-allow’ approach that permits unknown applications and files to run with unfettered access to system resources, welcoming threats with open arms. In sharp contrast, Comodo promotes default-deny security posture, which automatically wraps unknown applications/executables in an isolated container and blocks known bad ones, with default-allow usability Comodo currently has more than 87 million endpoints with no endpoint infections or security breaches reported thus far.

Things have changed. Instead of just a simple website and email account, companies are using complex networks of on-premises, mobile and cloud services to connect with their employees, customers and partners. Their data and access makes them attractive targets to modern cybercriminals who are using sophisticated threats to launch persistent attacks on your endpoints.

AEP secures the endpoints—companies’ most vulnerable targets, which bots, brute force or DDoS attacks, keyloggers, malware and ransomware are constantly attacking. AEP provides companies with endpoint protection that will stop known and unknown threats so they can focus on their business instead of worrying about cyberthreats that could lead to potentially devastating breaches.

Comodo cloud-based advanced malware analysis platform, analyzes 36B+ unknown files a year. Static, dynamic and human analysis provide 100% verdict in 30 seconds, five times faster than competitors. This gives employees full usability with default deny protection—so security never impacts performance.

How we are different

• Improved endpoint security including application control and Secure Auto Containment that enables Comodo AEP to determine whether applications/files are known good or bad and place unknown files/applications automatically into containment where they run in a secure container until they can be verdicted.
• New management functionality including remote monitoring (remote desktop) enabling IT staff to save time and money by remotely diagnosing and resolving endpoint security and management issues.
• File-less malware containment enables Comodo AEP to stop advanced malware that uses command line parsers (Windows commands, Python, PERL) to directly modify memory rather than a conventional file.