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CompanyAgari by HelpSystems
Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Defending against email attacks is more difficult now that cybercriminals are using identity deception by impersonating senior employees or other trusted individuals and brands as a part of phishing campaigns. Now more than ever it is vital for organizations to protect their employees but also their brand’s reputation from malicious attacks or impersonation.

Protecting your brand’s reputation starts with DMARC. Agari provides fully automated DMARC authentication which simplifies and ensures that DMARC records are error-free and always up to date. Using DMARC records combined with AI-powered phishing detection, Agari secures defensive domains and proactively identifies attacks from lookalike domains, supporting rapid remediation with takedown vendors.

Agari uses an identity-centric approach that uniquely learns sender-receiver behavior to model trusted communications to stop inbound phishing attacks. This is done through a graph database of relationships and behavioral patterns between individuals, brands, businesses, services, and domains. Pre-configured policies immediately remove or redirect malicious messages for further incident investigation. As a result, Agari stops threats that easily evade signature and reputation-based detection like spear phishing or Business Email Compromise (BEC).

Organizations receive tens of thousands of phishing incident reports each year. Research indicates that 60% of employee-reported phishing emails are false positives, taking security teams hours to triage and remediate. By automating the investigative analysis, Agari eliminates false positives and examines all inboxes for the latest indicators of compromise elevating the most suspicious incidents to the top of the list. Security operations center (SOC) analysts can then evaluate and prioritize incidents, empowering them to remove all malicious emails quickly and decisively from affected inboxes with the click of a button. This reduces incident response time from days or hours to a few minutes, saving organizations time and money.

How we are different

• Agari is an end-to-end anti-phishing solution that enforces DMARC policies, protects against inbound attacks, and provides quick and decisive remediation.
• As phishing attacks are ever-evolving, Agari continuously scans employee inboxes for the latest indicators of compromise drawn from research conducted by the Agari Cyber Intelligence Division (ACID). The ACID business email compromise (BEC) feed is the industry’s first and only globally sourced, expert-curated intelligence on emergent BEC attacks.
• Preconfigured integrations with leading SOAR and SIEM platforms as well as a rich set of native APIs, enables teams to develop customer automations and orchestrations that continually enhance organizations’ email security posture.