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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionNorth America


AiStrike is delivering industry-first Cloud Investigation and Response platform that leverages AI-powered automation to help organizations rapidly prioritize, investigate, and respond to cloud-native threats.

Key benefits of the platform include:

* Smarter decisions: Improved triage and investigation fidelity
* Faster response: Risk based prioritization and single-click response actions
* Improved efficiency: Automation of routine tasks that saves analyst time. Scale up operations

AiStrike complements all major CSPM/CNAPP tools with frictionless single-click integration and out-of-the-box automated investigation and response capabilities.

AiStrike cloud security operations use cases include:

* Cloud identity investigation
* Alert prioritization
* Zero-day and emerging threat investigation
* Shift left remediation
* Cloud response automation
* Human risk investigation

AiStrike is an agent-less platform that deploys in a matter of minutes and provides quick time to value. The solution integrates with all major upstream and downstream cloud ecosystem tools to provide seamless end-user experience.

How we are different

Some of the key differentiators that AiStrike is bringing to the market include:

1. AI-Guided Investigation and Response – AiStrike uses purpose built generative AI and graph models to provided guided cloud investigation and response automation capabilities. This includes a) automated triage of alerts to prioritize high-risk alerts and suppress noise b) interactive AI promptbook tailored to assist end users (based on their persona) with their day-to-day investigation and response tasks c) AI automated reports and incident metrics for root cause analysis, management reporting, etc.

2. Shift Left Response – AiStrike triages alerts to identify the root cause of the issue. Based on the root cause, AiStrike identifies the artifact that requires remediation (i.e., vulnerable code, security group on EC2), maps it to the origin in the cloud software life cycle (i.e., CI/CD pipeline) and initiates the remediation workflow aligned to the cloud software development process. AiStrike provides single-click automation from code to cloud to assist with rapid response actions.

3. Re-enforcement Learning (RLHF) – AiStrike platform accepts feedback from security teams and learns from historic Analyst actions to recommend future response actions. AiStrike also uses the learnings to initiate automated suppression rules in the detection tools.