Akshay Sekar Chandrasekaran

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Job title of nominated professional (or team name)Sr Technical Compliance Manager
Company (where nominated professional or team is working)Intuit
Company size (employees)10,000 or more
CountryUnited States
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Akshay is an accomplished Security engineer who is passionate about security. Throughout his career Akshay has demonstrated a commitment to excellence, innovation, in his career by taking ownership of diverse and multicultural projects . He had the opportunity to contribute to growing field of software security specifically in the field of Vulnerability Management, Automation and Application Security. Akshay is deeply committed to sharing knowledge about security by serving as a judge in local cybersecurity events, mentoring upcoming students in cybersecurity by participating in local cybersecurity meet up events within the community, local cybersecurity chapters. With his array of experience, he has involved directly in contributing to multi-billion dollar enterprises in the US and Asia, with a focus on improving the security and compliance posture of the organizations.

LinkedIn profile : https://linkedin.com/in/akshaysekar


1.Strategic Leadership : Akshay headed the integration of DevSecOps tools and practices for a then $20 billion banking partner in Europe by collaborating with teams across Europe, US and Asia while driving a big impact across the organization. Akshay spearheaded the migration of assets from on-premise to the cloud and shifting security to the left in development lifecycle. Akshay was able to decrease security defects year over year by 10% while contributing millions in revenue through efficiency by means of automation. Through his leadership skills, he as able to foster an environment that is open to collaboration by organizing training's, cyberfest's , bringing in a culture of security first mindset .

2. Creative Solutioning : Through Akshay's creative solutioning Akshay was able to add more than $170,000+ in revenue for one of leading energy companies' in the world. Akshay played an vital role in automating time consuming tasks of cybersecurity compliance operations while effectively improving customer experience , saving over 3600 hours of effort. Being a proactive problem solver Akshay is able to proactively solve customer issues by identifying problem areas before it comes to light. . As part of Akshay's efforts, the organization were able to achieve important compliance certifications that would allow movement of $300B+ over 300M transactions across US and Canada. Akshay's work was instrumental in enabling bi-directional data sharing with over 20,000 financial institutions across the world through the organization's data sharing
platform. This also saved millions of hours in manual effort for customers allowing customers to quickly import 1.7million crypto transactions

3. Giving Back to Cybersecurity Community : Akshay has been a active member of cybersecurity community by collaborating with different learning platforms like Cybrary, Coursera, Udacity to develop content. Akshay has been an active participant in local security chapter's helping shape tomorrow's cybersecurity professionals.

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