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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionAsia


Alcide is the provider of the industry’s first Microservices Firewall for application networking security. Although a young company, Alcide has achieved quite a few milestones since its founding. After emerging out of stealth in Dec. 2017, with an initial seed round of $5.2M, Alcide quickly went on to announced the general availability of its security platform in April 2018. Within one month, in May 2018, the company was named a Gartner’s Cool Vendor in Cloud Security for the unique breadth of visibility it provides across workloads, among other uniquenesses. It also became one of the first products designed to support serverless environments, such as AWS Lambda, in July 2018. Most recently, in November 2018, Alcide announced a $7M Series A Round from CE Ventures, Intel Capital and Elron, bring the company’s total funding to $12M in under a year.

How we are different

- Each cloud workload is unique and follows its own security frameworks which become impossible to manage and control as the environment grows more complicated by the day. To keep companies and their data protected, organizations need practical and uniform enforcement and management of security policies to control disparate and cloud-native services, infrastructure and environments. Alcide is a cloud-native security leader with the mission to empower DevOps and security teams to manage application and networking security through the intelligent automation of security policies applied uniformly, regardless of the workload and infrastructure.

- Alcide’s competitors are cloud security platforms that aim to offer security and threat detection to their customers. Many of them do not offer full scale, full-stack DevSecOps with comprehensive enforcement and visibility. With Alcide’s wide depth and breadth of platform capabilities, they serve as a single security tool for the most complex cloud environments.

- Unlike its competitors, Alcide’s Microservices firewall provides application-aware and embedded policy controls for cloud infrastructure, workloads and external service-mesh against different attack scenarios, including malicious internal activity, lateral movement and data exfiltration. It is innovative because it combines security with DevOps, keeping both of those capabilities inside one platform. This allows Alcide’s customers to access their security data in one place, faster pinpointing of the misbehaved asset, which also results in reducing the number of tools needed to monitor, detect and isolate security threats and breaches.