Alert Logic Cloud Insight

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)Alert Logic
Company size (employees)500 to 999
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS

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With Alert Logic Cloud Insight, built on and for AWS, organizations can stop settling for less than what they need out of a cloud security solution and take control of their security.

• Complete visibility across an AWS environment – from account to instance - leaving no blind spots
• A single view of an organization's security posture by integrating with Amazon Inspector and AWS Config Rules
• Over 80,000 vulnerability and configuration checks to provide broad vulnerability coverage
• Vulnerability reporting inclusive of tags, AMIs, VPC names and subnets

• Prioritized list of vulnerabilities to help IT teams determine where to invest their time
• Tracks changes and provides remediation actions for AWS EC2 instances and AWS services
• Curated list of remediation actions to help quickly eliminate vulnerabilities from an environment
• AWS best practices built-in to effectively address misconfigurations and vulnerabilities

• Auto-discovery of workloads with AWS APIs and CloudTrail integration to maintain an accurate and up-to-date inventory of assets and network topology
• 24x7 automatic protection of new, changed or modified environment
• Validates that vulnerabilities are resolved after resolution applied

Brief Overview

Alert Logic Cloud Insight is an automated, AWS-native vulnerability and configuration management solution designed to take the complexity out of protecting Amazon Web Services (AWS) workloads. With built-in automation capabilities and continuous monitoring, Cloud Insight provides unparalleled visibility across the AWS environment, identifying exposures as they arise. Built with features and capabilities specifically designed for AWS, Cloud Insight is a security solution that works like AWS.

Unlike traditional security solutions that don’t understand how cloud networks operate and must be manually configured and deployed, Cloud Insight uses AWS APIs and CloudTrail data to maintain an accurate, up-to-date inventory of assets and network topology. Using built-in autodiscovery and auto-deployment capabilities, Cloud Insight identifies new assets that are deployed without manual intervention, reducing an IT team’s workload and providing the necessary coverage. Cloud Insight provides reporting that’s specific to the cloud and inclusive of tags, AMIs, VPC names and subnets. AWS security best practices are built-in to ensure maximum security protection for the environment.

Cloud Insight continuously monitors the AWS environment for exposures from the account to host, 24×7, automatically discovering an environment’s weak points. As an environment changes, Cloud insight automatically detects these changes and scans new, changed or modified assets for exposures.

Instead of building a long list of vulnerabilities to research, prioritize and determine how to resolve, Cloud Insight delivers the information needed to quickly eliminate exposures and reduce risk. Through a combination of contextual analysis and patented technology, Cloud Insight dynamically develops a prioritized list of actions to eliminate exposures. This enables IT teams to focus their efforts on remediating the exposures and vulnerabilities that will have the greatest impact on reducing the organization’s overall attack surface. Once the vulnerabilities are resolved, Cloud Insight automatically validates that the exposures have been eliminated, with no manual intervention required.