Allgress Insight Risk Management Suite (IRMS)

Additional Info

CompanyAllgress, Inc.
Company size (employees)50 to 99
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Allgress is powerful enough to be used by a Fortune 500 company while utilizing a small team. Allgress has the fastest time to value in the industry. Customers can deploy and use partial or full functionality within days to weeks as opposed to months. Also, Allgress has expanded the first cloud-aware GRC product to provide continuous monitoring to automatically assess risk and security status through machine to machine process automation then remediate deficiencies. We were also the first vendor to utilize AWS API’s for risk and security compliance management of an AWS environment.

IRMS supports integrations and importing from over 35+ third-party solutions, including vulnerability and application scanners, cloud IaaS’, file Integrity Monitoring, DLP, SIEM, IAM, etc. for a comprehensive view of risk, security and compliance in addition to automating the audit process. Reports are customizable in a variety of formats that can have role-based capabilities and are assigned to specific individuals for controlled access. All reports can be displayed in a variety of formats and with collected fields displayed into customizable portals for each stakeholder. The solution offers a variety of robust out-of-the-box options, including more than 90 standards cross-mapped to over 350 combinations of standards, regulations and security best practices, 150-plus reports that ship to assist in achieving full and comprehensive policy management.

IRMS is differentiated from other solutions in terms of time-to-value, usability, simplicity and affordability. Quick-time to value, ease-of-use and simplicity in licensing are the most significant reasons customers chose our solution. Through our modular architecture, customers can expand to the comprehensive integrated risk, security and compliance management because they are already familiar with the platform services like dashboarding, fields from forms, workflow, data consumers and reporting.

How we are different

Exclusively recognized for automation of end-to-end risk and compliance management for quicker time-to-value, usability, simplicity, and affordability by Gartner, Gartner PeerInsights, SC Magazine and GRC 20/20, the top authorities in IT Governance, Risk & Compliance

The only self-funded company exclusively focused on IT Governance, Risk & Compliance with over 14 years maturity and over 25,000 seats installed

Differentiated from its competitors by easy to use and acquire pricing based on five company-sized bands determined by functionality modules and UNLIMITED users adding to quicker time-to-value