Anjuna Confidential Computing Platform

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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionSoftware


Cybersecurity has been a constant battle, with organizations spending billions of dollars each year on new tools, technologies, and personnel to protect their data and intellectual property. However, despite these efforts, infrastructure breaches have not only persisted but have also increased, resulting in significant financial losses. The reason for this is that until now, there has been no way to protect data and code while it is in use in memory. Once inside the infrastructure, it is easy for an attacker to steal data directly from memory or even the encryption keys used to decrypt the data. The shift to microservices and cloud computing has further increased the risk and complexity, as secrets are now shared by hundreds of distributed services and trust is shared with a third-party.

Anjuna’s Confidential Computing Platform is the breakthrough software that allows enterprises to create high-trust environments in the cloud where data is always encrypted and code is verified for authenticity. With Anjuna, workloads stay confidential and trusted during execution, enabling enterprises to embrace the cloud and innovate without the threat of attackers or insiders eavesdropping on or tampering with code or data. Unlike other data security solutions, Confidential Computing is rooted in chip hardware, which offers substantially higher levels of trust, integrity, and security. Anjuna lets enterprises leverage those properties through its platform to protect applications with minimal performance impact without needing to recode their applications. Anjuna supports multi-cloud and hybrid environments and does not require specialized skills to deploy or run, making it flexible and easy to use. Organizations leverage Anjuna to run existing applications in the cloud with complete privacy, security, and isolation. With powerful attestation capabilities organizations can now take direct control of the chain of trust of their software and verify they haven’t been tampered with.

How we are different

- Application agonistic. Does not require re-coding
Anjuna is the first application agnostic (monolithic, containerized, and Kubernetes) confidential computing solution. Enterprises can instantly secure all aspects of data, memory, storage, networks, and the cloud without needing to recode their applications. This results in massive savings on R&D resources.

- Multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud support
Anjuna is the first solution to support multi-cloud deployments for AWS, Azure and GCP as well as on- premises with both Intel and AMD chip sets. This allows organizations to implement trusted execution environments without the need for specialized skills to deploy or run, making it flexible and easy to use.

- Provides cryptographic attestation
Workloads can prove that they 1) are authentic and have not been tampered with and 2) are running on trusted hardware. Anjuna provides hard evidence, control, and proof of this. The most common use for attestation is securely bootstrapping applications with the secrets they need. Anjuna’s platform cryptographically binds initial secrets to workloads at runtime, solving the “secret zero” issue.