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The public cloud has revolutionized the way software applications (SaaS) and digital services are created and has also transformed operations for companies of all types. Many companies see switching to the public cloud as a necessity for survival, while others view it as a strategic advantage. However, not all companies or industries have been able to move to the public cloud yet. Some companies, particularly those that are regulated, have been hesitant because of concerns about control and trust.

Confidential computing in the public cloud is the most secure environment available for data and workloads. It locks down workloads and establishes a trusted environment, giving companies full control over their public cloud instances and effectively blocking access to rogue insiders, malicious third parties, and potential attackers.

Despite its potential to be a game-changer, confidential computing has been limited by one major issue: the significant amount of time and effort required to refactor applications and deployment or production processes to take advantage of hardware security. Anjuna solves this problem by eliminating the need to modify application code and processes, making confidential computing accessible to any organization without disruption or impediment.

Anjuna has built on its expertise in cryptography to make confidential computing practical and accessible for any organization, just as VMware made virtualization practical by bridging the complex CPU instructions needed for applications to take advantage of it without significant changes. Without Anjuna, organizations would need to spend hundreds of hours of developer and IT time to make an application run in a confidential computing environment. This would also be required for changes to applications and bringing them to other public clouds. Anjuna eliminates this time and expense and accelerates time to market. It also enables more organizations to adopt confidential computing, as it would not be practical without Anjuna.

How we are different

Anjuna Confidential Computing Platform is the first-of-its-kind solution that creates a high-trust execution environment in the hybrid cloud where data is encrypted in all states (in use, in transit, at rest), and where code is automatically verified for authenticity.

- Application agonistic; no re-coding required.
Anjuna is the first application-agnostic (monolithic, containerized, and Kubernetes) confidential computing solution that creates a high-trust execution environment in the hybrid cloud where data is encrypted in all states. Anjuna's software virtualizes underlying HW and extends runtime protection for encrypted data and code, creating a uniform encryption mechanism. Enterprises can instantly secure all aspects of data, memory, storage, networks, and the cloud without needing to recode their applications. This scalability results in massive R&D savings while protecting data, digital assets, private keys, and proprietary code against a wide range of threats from insiders, third parties, and zero-day attacks.

- Multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud support.
Anjuna is the first solution to support multi-cloud deployments for AWS, Azure and GCP as well as on-premises with both Intel and AMD chipsets. Through these partnerships, Anjuna empowers organizations to implement trusted execution environments without the need for specialized skills to deploy or run, making it flexible and easy to use. Leading blockchain and digital finance companies have adopted Anjuna to secure their high-stakes transactions. In addition, software companies have implemented Anjuna to prevent exposure of private keys during runtime and protect multi-party compute scenarios.

- Provides automated code verification with cryptographic attestation.
Workloads can prove that they 1) are authentic and have not been tampered with and 2) are running on trusted hardware. Anjuna provides hard evidence, control, and proof of this. The most common use for attestation is securely bootstrapping applications with the secrets they need. Anjuna’s platform cryptographically binds initial secrets to workloads at runtime, solving the “secret zero” issue.