Anomali’s AI-Powered Security Operations Platform Transforms Threat Visibility, Detection, and Response

Additional Info

Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Anomali offers an industry-leading AI-Powered solution that elevates your security operations and defense capabilities in one platform. We consolidate your tech stack, giving you never- before-seen speed, scale, and performance at a fraction of the cost. Anomali empowers your team and helps you retain talent. Simply different.

Key Capabilities / Features

Cybersecurity threats are becoming increasingly pervasive, complex, and dangerous, putting business-critical data at risk – across all sectors. Anomali recognizes that no organization is exempt from facing cyber threats – pioneering the most intelligent, cloud-native, and advanced cybersecurity platform to navigate this intricate threat landscape. By cutting through the noise to surface and reveal relevant threats, the Anomali Security Operations Platform improves organizational efficiencies and provides security teams with the capabilities and insights needed to make informed decisions and act immediately against sophisticated attacks.

Anomali’s entire platform is powered by AI – giving today’s security teams and analysts the ability to rapidly detect, identify, and remediate threats. The company’s Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP), Threatstream, automates the collection and processing of raw data, transforming it into actionable, real-time threat intelligence for security teams. Anomali’s Security Operations Platform also includes its AI Copilot solution. This enables users to leverage generative AI to immediately and comprehensively extend their visibility into cyber threats. Using data from ThreatStream, Copilot is able to train on vast datasets that can provide a comprehensive, immediate, and integrated perspective on threat activity – improving key workflows, simplifying queries, and accelerating response.

Infusing the power of AI into its entire suite of solutions, Anomali’s users are better equipped to safeguard their organization’s most critical data and workspaces. As cyberthreats continue to become more advanced, coercive, and difficult to detect – Anomali will evolve in lockstep, continuing to engineer the most advanced, AI-powered threat detection and response tools for today’s security teams.

How we are different

Anomali’s Security Operations Platform gives security analysts the ability to immediately navigate threats intelligently and easily. Anomali Copilot is designed to modernize security operations, using embedded AI to automate how teams collect insights and automate time-consuming tasks – transforming SOC (security operations center) analyst effectiveness and upleveling analysts’ skills. Engineered to provide ease of use for analysts, Anomali’s Copilot eliminates the need to write complex queries – providing NLP (Natural Language Processing) at scale.

Anomali delivers market-leading speed and infinite scale – with a cloud-native Big Data engine that powers the fastest data, log, and telemetry search abilities in the world. Fully powered by artificial intelligence, Anomali leverages machine learning technology to streamline threat detection, hunting and investigation across an organization’s entire IT environment – with the ability to search back through and rapidly analyze over seven years of historical data. Leveraging one of the world’s largest threat intelligence repositories, Anomali’s Security Operations platform allows organizations to enrich and scale security analytics to detect both known and emerging threats.

This platform is built by security experts, for security teams – eliminating costs by replacing legacy, siloed technologies with a cloud-native solution to automate workflows and critical security functions. Anomali’s platform enables CISOs to optimize cybersecurity investments – allowing organizations to achieve advanced visibility, while dramatically reducing their security incident and event data storage costs.