Minerva Labs Anti-Evasion Platform

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)Minerva Labs
Company size (employees)10 to 49
Type of solutionSoftware

In 3 bullets, summarize why this product or service is different from the competition and deserves recognition:

• Minerva’s approach to stopping threats on the endpoint doesn’t involve any attempts to examine a file or a process to determine whether it resembles malware. That’s the job for antivirus tools. Instead, Minerva’s Anti-Evasion Platform deceives malware regarding its environment when it attempts to evade security tools. This causes such malicious software to self-convict and either crash, terminate itself or put itself to sleep.
• Minerva’s approach to endpoint security doesn’t overlap with the protection enterprises receive from other security tools, including Endpoint Prevention Platform (EPP) and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solutions. Minerva intervenes in situations where such tools would fail to recognize the threat, preventing infections that otherwise would have caused damage or demanded costly post-incident activities. Minerva not only minimizes risk, but also cuts down on the number of events the customer’s security staff needs to investigate.
• Since Minerva’s Anti-Evasion platform is a passive technology that doesn’t involve scans or active process tracking, our agent is extremely lightweight. Its presence is unnoticed by end-users. It is compatible with the latest and even older operating systems, such as Windows XP. It can be deployed and updated without any endpoint prerequisites or reboots. And, since it doesn’t rely on signatures or cloud lookups, it’s very easy to maintain.

Brief Overview

Minerva’s Anti-Evasion Platform automatically blocks attacks that are designed to evade existing defenses. Instead of attempting to seek and identify malware and ransomware, Minerva neutralizes threats in a manner drastically different from the existing security layers by creating a hostile environment on the endpoint that deceives malware, causing it to disarm itself. Without relying on signatures, models or behavioral patterns, Minerva’s solution stops malware that antivirus (AV) does not, blocking it before the need to engage costly security resources.

Minerva’s Anti-Evasion Platform controls how malicious software “perceives” its environment on the endpoint, blocking any attempt to get around other security tools. The solution is comprised of multiple modules that reinforce each other to protect enterprises against evasive threats, including fileless attacks, ransomware, and attacks using weaponized documents. Minerva also helps incident response teams contain malware outbreaks using endpoint vaccination. Minerva boosts customers’ existing defenses without the need to embark upon a costly and risky overhaul of their entire endpoint security architecture to drastically improve the ability to automatically block attacks that get past traditional and even “next-gen” anti-malware tools.

Enterprises can rapidly roll out Minerva’s Anti-Evasion Platform and benefit from an ultra-light agent that doesn’t affect endpoint performance, works well with other enterprise security tools and requires no ongoing care and feeding. With this approach, Minerva is helping to take the burden away from scarce security resources that are overwhelmed with alerts, false positives and post-infection remediation tasks.