Appdome Unified Mobile App Defense Platform – Mobile Social Engineering

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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Appdome’s Unified Mobile App Defense Platform is the first and only DevOps tool for mobile app defense that automates the implementation of 300+ mobile app defenses including security, anti-fraud, anti-malware, anti-cheat, anti-bot and geo compliance into any Android or iOS app in minutes with no SDK or coding required – all within the CI/CD pipeline. At its core, the platform is a no-code mobile app defense solution, providing mobile app developers, even those lacking security expertise, with an accessible means to secure all Android & iOS apps without any additional work. By automating this process, Appdome eliminates the requirement for manual coding or code changes presenting a significant time and cost-saving advantage for developers.

Appdome Social Engineering prevention protects mobile users from voice phishing (vishing) and telephone-oriented attack delivery (T.O.A.D.) attacks. It delivers comprehensive, in-app protection against vishing, remote desktop control, gold pickaxe and other malware control, FaceID bypass and more. No code, no SDKs and no servers required.

Key Capabilities / Features

Appdome is the only social engineering prevention platform for continuous social engineering protection for all mobile apps:

Automate the work out of social engineering prevention – brands can protect their users from social engineering attacks with less work using automation to build, test, release and monitor social engineering prevention defenses in Android and iOS apps. Also, brands gain continuous compliance with less cost and complexity in mobile apps.

Keep full control when attacks happen. When mobile social engineering attacks happen in Android and iOS apps, Appdome’s Threat-EventsTM intelligence framework delivers rich data and telemetry on the attack to the mobile app. This allows the brand to stay in control of the brand experience, gather threat intelligence, stop the social engineering attacks and help users with remediation fast.

Gain resilience with faster detection and response - With ThreatScope™ Mobile XDR, you gain resilience, prove the value of the mobile anti-bot in Android & iOS apps, keep track of new and emerging cyber security threats across 300+ attack vectors and respond to any attack impacting your mobile app, brand or business automatically


How we are different

Appdome provides the mobile industry’s only Unified Mobile App Defense Platform. What makes the Appdome unique is three things:

• Powered by a patented ML-coding engine capable of 100,000s of builds per day, the platform is fully automated and can deliver any combination of 300+ choice-driven mobile app security (i.e., RASP, Code Obfuscation, Mobile Data Encryption, Jailbreak and Root Detection and MiTM attack prevention), anti-malware, anti-fraud, anti-cheat, anti-bot, geo compliance and other defenses in any Android or iOS app in seconds within the DevOps pipeline

• Includes real-time threat and attack intelligence, detection and automated response via Appdome ThreatScopeTM, agentless mobile XDR, giving mobile brands an instant “see it, solve it” capability to any attack impacting brand, business or users. Threat=EventsTM is a one-of-a-kind attack intelligence control framework used to create on-brand user experiences when hacking, reverse engineering, runtime attacks, malware interactions, fraud events, location spoofing or other attacks happen in the mobile app.

• Certified SecureTM Mobile DevOps Certification is the fastest and easiest way to guarantee that Android and iOS apps have the mobile app defenses needed to protect a brand and its business. Each Certified Secure certificate is a separate, auditable and detailed artifact generated by the platform showing the mobile app security, anti-fraud and other defenses are built into the Android and iOS mobile app in the DevOps CI/CD release cycle.