Arculix by SecureAuth

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CompanySecureAuth Corporation
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionSoftware


Arculix™ by SecureAuth is the leading next-gen access management and authentication platform. With an AI- and ML-based model, Arculix understands user behavior to weed out unusual actions that require verification. The platform provides the most flexible options for deployment in the industry and can run on self-hosted servers, fully cloud-based systems, including AWS, or hybrid systems. Arculix enables enterprises to maintain constant vigilance and provide secure and passwordless, continuous authentication with a frictionless user experience.

Arculix delivers a unified authentication and access management platform. It provides advanced adaptive and continuous authentication backed by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) plus single sign-on (SSO) and federation, with passwordless application and endpoint authentication. Our solution establishes a level of assurance (LOA) score via the risk engine starting at the initial login to an endpoint (ie: laptop, desktop, VDI) and continuously adjusts the LOA score throughout the user’s journey to their applications. The AI allows the system to discern normal from abnormal user activity, reducing the number of required policy rules and easing the burden placed on security staff. Alongside these continuous authentication capabilities is a suite of flexible and intuitive policy tools that make it simple to configure and deploy passwordless authentication across the enterprise.

Arculix safeguards employee and customer identities with adaptive policies. The risk engine analyzes device, mobile, browser, and user behavior data plus continuously ingests external risk signals to determine when risk should require step-up authentication. Threat landscapes require more than simple binary checks. Arculix utilizes behavioral models that continuously learn what genuine user activity looks like, so you keep cybercriminals out. Arculix Universal Authentication Fabric is a technology framework that delivers authentication with AI and ML behavioral modeling that only requires users to authenticate once to workstations, SSO portals or federated web apps, VDIs, VPNs.

How we are different

1. Arculix, the next-gen risk-based authentication product from SecureAuth, that makes it simple to deploy advanced security practices. The passwordless continuous authentication means users never have to re-authenticate into any app or service once they’ve logged into their device.
2. The Arculix Risk Engine is the only solution that delivers risk scoring by ingesting data from various security tools, infer and detect anomalies. It delivers insightful at-authorization and post-authorization actions.​ Using patented AI/ML, the risk engine monitors hundreds of variables including peer group behavioral modeling, time, location, etc. to calculate if an access attempt is legitimate.
3. Arculix allows organizations to roll out advanced passwordless or invisible MFA quickly. It does this through a simple FIDO authentication, security key using Blue Tooth, USB, NFC and advanced user-friendly mobile first MFA, like a QR code initiated login. Arculix delivers continuous monitoring of users and devices. Arculix‘s next-generation authentication utilizes Universal Authentication. The user only needs to take action when risk demands it based on user or device posture pre- during and post-authentication.