ARIA Packet Intelligence

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)ARIA Cybersecurity Solutions
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionSoftware

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Lossless, wire-rate packet operations for network service accounting and control, and/or cyber-threat detection, containment, and high-speed protection applications
Network Analytics
- Meets a wide variety of wire-rate network service monitoring and control functions, as well as cybersecurity requirements, including threat detection, investigation, and containment
- Provides visibility into all network traffic by feeding analytics to packet delivery accounting tools, quality of service (QoS), and service level agreement (SLA) monitoring applications
- Performs full network monitoring of all critical assets and application data, including lateral traffic flow
- Allows for the setting and enforcement of network policies, all while maintaining wire rates.

Cybersecurity Control
- Improves the threat detection and containment effectiveness of security tools, including SIEMs, IDS/IPS, and forensic packet recorders
- Stops network-borne threats by isolating infected devices or dropping harmful traffic
- Runs at full 10G, 25G, or up to 100Gbps wire rate without impacting network or application performance
- Offloads packet handling to scale OEM and service provider applications
- Deploys easily with simple API connectors to OEM and service provider applications
- Runs from within any OEM appliance or service provider server via ARIA Cybersecurity's MyricomSIA SmartNIC

Brief Overview

ARIA’s Packet Intelligence (PI) is designed to give OEMs and service providers to perform in-line advanced packet-level network and security operations cost-effectively while at wire rate. The application can classify every network packet, create metadata, and take actions on each packet all while running at wire rate when deployed upon our ARIA SmartNICs.
The application provides value in two use cases network analytics and cybersecurity control.

Network Analytics
– Packet-level accounting for usage-based billing or capped services: The ARIA PI application off-loads the packet counting functions onto the SmartNIC from the host and marks packets for SLA performance and rate limit, as well as enforce policies.

– Network Monitoring and Policy Enforcement: The ARIA PI application can easily classify all network packets and apply, as well as enforce policies such as rate-limiting. In addition, ARIA PI can perform operations such as packet marking or tagging while maintaining wire rates of up to 100Gbps.

Cybersecurity Control
– Threat Detection: ARIA PI feeds metadata to threat detection tools for complete internal network visibility. Detects network-borne threats by their lateral movement, as they move through the network. Prevents and protects against undesired connectivity both internally and externally.

– Investigative Response: The ARIA PI application classifies every packet traversing the network allowing security teams to redirect specified traffic conversations for further analysis, such as those detected by metadata. They can direct copies into an IDS, or conversely, the original packet stream can be redirected to an IPS. In parallel, these suspect streams can also be copied and directed to packet recorders for analysis or recording for later inspection.

– Network-Based Threat Remediation: The ARIA PI application enables the real-time automatic execution of remediative actions on specified traffic flows.

– High-speed firewall: The ARIA PI application can also be used to help build scalable high-speed wire rate firewalls that can run up