Armen Najarian: Cyber Marketing in the Identity Economy

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Job title of nominated professional (or team name)Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Identity Officer
Company (where nominated professional or team is working)Agari
Company size (employees)100 to 499
CountryUnited States
Headquarters RegionNorth America


In 2019, Armen Najarian added to his CMO responsibilities those of the Chief Identity Officer (CIDO) of cybersecurity firm Agari, more closely aligning his brand and demand generation marketing stewardship with product strategy. He has a track record for transforming brands and spotting strategic opportunities before they become apparent to others and executing flawlessly to take advantage of these opportunities. At Agari, Armen helped shape and launched two product strategies at the core of Agari’s valuation: The Agari Secure Email Cloud, the enabling architecture to support Agari solutions at enterprise scale; and the Agari Identity Graph, a deep investment in data science that correlates all Agari sender/receiver identity data in a graph database. The Graph authenticates 2+ trillion emails annually, learns and models behavioral relationships daily of 50k+ new domains, and creates trust scores for messages versus expected behaviors through 300+ million machine learning model updates daily. Furthermore, Agari’s threat research team that uncovers the identities of bad actors – the Agari Cyber Intelligence Division (ACID) — came under Armen’s leadership in 2019, where he has helped to monetize threat intelligence across Agari’s enterprise customer and partner ecosystem. As a result of these contributions, in 2019, Agari experienced significant scale, including 197% growth in EMEA and continued selection by Fortune 1000 companies worldwide. Prior to joining Agari, Armen transformed the ThreatMetrix brand where he shaped the emerging Digital Identity category, and differentiated and positioned ThreatMetrix for an $830M acquisition by FTSE 100 company, RELX.


- Armen drives outcomes:
1. Brand Visibility: 50 percent increase in YoY media coverage, (Dec. 2018 to Dec. 2019)
2. Digital Engagement: More than 27% YoY increase in engaged website visitors with average session duration lasting more than 5:00 and leading to 36% of visitors returning
3. 2019 Pipeline growth metrics: Built multi-million-dollar pipeline

- Armen makes bold decisions:
1. Onboarded as Agari CMO in April 2018; achieved a complete remake of the nine-year-old company’s vision, mission, messaging and brand framework, by December 2018.
2. Conceptualized the Secure Email Cloud architecture, positioned as the next-generation framework for a flexible delivery model of a portfolio of email security solutions. And built the strategy and positioning of the Agari Identity Graph, one of the company's key differentiators.
3. Gained executive peer and Board of Director buy-in as well as rapid cross-functional, internal adoption of new brand framework and messaging through effective internal communications and workshops to drive sales enablement and revenue readiness
4. Drove a clean-sheet development of the new Agari brand architecture, including the brand promise, brand identity, brand messaging, brand purpose and brand personality, which, ultimately, were reflected in a substantial website refresh, full collateral refresh, digital presence, demand generation campaigns, and media engagement strategy.
5. Reimagined branding of solutions portfolio reaching new buyer personas; rolled out new positioning and messaging across functional buying group roles to support Agari sales enablement, customer success and onboarding, and renewals.
6. Created industry-wide nomenclature, introducing the terms Secure Email Cloud and Agari Identity Graph, raising awareness and adoption of both.