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Company size (employees)250
Type of solutionHybrid


Armor Anywhere reduces the burden of security risk, compliance, shared responsibility in the public cloud, and expenses associated with DIY security. Subscribing to our security service reduces the complexity of managing data in the cloud so customers can focus on their business. Driving these business affordances is the best-in-class technology and software that makes up Armor Anywhere.
When a customer subscribes to our security service, the CORE Agent, Armor Anywhere CORE is quickly applied to the environment of choice and begins protecting and monitoring upon installation. Armor Anywhere CORE delivers:
• Host Based Intrusion Detection
• Malware Protection
• File Integrity Monitoring
• External and Internal Vulnerability Scanning
• Patch Monitoring
• Log and Event Management
Powering these tools is our security operations center, staffed with experienced and dedicated professionals. Customers monitor and manage their environments through the Armor Management Portal (AMP). Technical benefits of AMP include:
• Patching Updates
• FIM Service Status
• Log and Event Management
While public clouds like Azure and AWS are effective for raw infrastructure, users must still manage and secure data workloads. Armor reduces the burden of these challenges for organizations by sharing both risk and responsibility.

In addition, the flexibility and performance that the cloud offers can’t be realized if there is a cumbersome security solution impeding productivity. Armor’s experts focus on the complexities of security and compliance challenges, so customers can achieve the full ROI of the cloud and concentrate on growing their business.

Plus, the selection, purchase, integration and management of security solutions can be expensive to deploy and difficult to manage. Armor saves valuable time resources by managing these challenges by defending and supporting applications and data workloads, regardless of where they are deployed.

How we are different

• Armor created the first Totally Secure cloud, offering a high-performant Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), that also provided the best in security. Armor Anywhere was designed to deliver the best-in-breed security tools and management from the first Totally Secure cloud, directly to the customers’ VM of choice. Our solution does not interfere with customer environments, so security does not have to dictate cloud strategy.
• Armor Anywhere reduces the burden of shared responsibility within the public cloud, and for those not using the public cloud, full responsibility rests on them. This solution allows customers to offload a portion of their responsibility of securing sensitive data in the cloud.
• With Armor Anywhere, customers can more easily meet compliance requirements. Armor Anywhere features and controls are mapped to various governance bodies, and PCI DSS 3.1 certified. Compliance is a product of the daily management of security best practices that Armor Anywhere delivers.