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CompanyAUTOCRYPT Co., Ltd.
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionSoftware


AutoCrypt V2X is a complete cybersecurity solution for V2X (vehicle-to-everything) communication, the essential technology behind autonomous driving, enabling vehicles to transmit real-time messages wirelessly with other vehicles (V2V), infrastructure (V2I), and pedestrians (V2P). As a comprehensive solution with customizable integration, AutoCrypt V2X secures all connected participants involved in V2X, completing the full process of certificate issuance, authentication, electronic signature generation, encryption, anonymization, and key management.

The solution consists of many subcomponents, including an SDK (software development kit) for securing messages and detecting abnormal activities, a PKI (public key infrastructure) for verifying and signing messages, an LCM (local certificate manager) for storing certificates within the V2X connectivity units, and an IMS (integrated management system) that enables OEMs to access and manage all regional PKI services with one integrated UI.

To seal off all potential entry points, AutoCrypt V2X-SDK can be embedded in all types of V2X connectivity units. For instance, V2X-EEV (End-entity for Vehicle) secures the on-board units (OBU) of vehicles; V2X-EER (End-entity for Roadside Unit) secures the RSUs and infrastructure; V2X-EEM (End-entity for Mobile) secures the mobile devices of drivers and pedestrians; and V2X-EEE (End-entity for Edge Cloud) secures the vehicle and driving data stored in the cloud. The software utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence to detect misbehaviors and capture abnormal activities in real-time.

AutoCrypt V2X-PKI oversees key generation and authentication, adaptable to all three regional PKI standards, including the US SCMS (Security Credential Management System), the EU CCMS (C-ITS Credential Management System), and the China C-SCMS.

Understanding that every OEM has a different approach towards system design, AutoCrypt V2X is a user-centric solution that is tailor-made for each customer based on not only regulatory needs but preferences; for example, some might want to be more involved in the integration process while others might choose to outsource all the work.

How we are different

1) PERFORMANCE AND VERSATILITY. AutoCrypt V2X boasts exceptional performance and low computational load, capable of an incredible processing speed of 2,500 certificate verifications per core per second, twice the industry standard. Given the nature of autonomous driving, performance and speed are one of the most critical evaluation factors for a V2X security module. The solution is also highly adaptable as it can be embedded on a per-model basis tailored for each OEM and chipmaker. Particularly, AutoCrypt V2X-PKI is one of the only PKIs that is compatible with all three international standards – SCMS, CCMS, and C-SCMS, whereas many competitors are only compatible with two of the three. Headquartered in South Korea with subsidiaries in China, North America, and Europe, AUTOCRYPT sits within all automotive industries of the world, with OEM customers and partners spanning across all continents.

2) EXPERIENCE AND EXPERTISE. AutoCrypt V2X was developed in the early 2010s by the automotive security division of Penta Security Systems Inc., South Korea’s cybersecurity research powerhouse. The division later spun off in 2019 as an independent company named AUTOCRYPT, making it the only major automotive security company with an IT security background, allowing it to bring forward over two decades of expertise from developing encryption and authentication solutions into the automotive industry. AutoCrypt V2X is the sole V2X security solution used for all eight Korean C-ITS projects, including Hwaseong K-City, the second-largest autonomous driving testbed in the world. Its interoperability is repeatedly demonstrated in China’s annual “Four Layers” C-V2X cross-industry plugfest.

3) END-TO-END SECURITY. AutoCrypt V2X can be paired with other automotive security solutions developed by AUTOCRYPT. These include AutoCrypt IVS, an in-vehicle intrusion detection and protection system; AutoCrypt PnC, a secure EV charging system for Plug&Charge; and AutoCrypt FMS, a secure fleet management system for mobility service operators.