AwareGO Human Risk Assessment and Security Awareness Training

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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionEurope


AwareGO offers Security Awareness Microlearning and Human Risk Assessment that helps organizations easily target specific threat areas and departments with curated microlearning video lessons.

All of AwareGO’s microlearning content is made inhouse in collaboration with cybersecurity experts, human behavior experts and advertising experts. It tackles specific subjects in a quick and entertaining way that increases engagement and information retention and minimizes training fatigue and loss of productivity. The ethos of AwareGO is to never shame or blame users but rather inform and empower. This is evident in all our videos, which are made with real actors and depict real-life scenarios or concepts that put cybersecurity issues into a different perspective and can even encourage some water cooler talk amongst employees.

The AwareGO Human Risk Assessment is a way to positively identify, measure and remedy cybersecurity knowledge and behavior within any organization. Employees get to test their knowledge and behavior in multiple threat areas (phishing, password handling, data security, social media etc.) in a secure and non-threatening environment that also creates a learning experience. The results can be used to decide on future training needs and create a virtuous cycle of training and assessing employees to create a thriving security culture within the organization.

AwareGO’s training platform makes it easy to send out security notifications and reminders via email, Slack or Teams. The training and assessment platform itself is simple and mobile-first that makes creating, delivering and receiving training lessons and assessments easy for both administrators and employees. The platform can be integrated with Active Directory, Google Workspace or the client’s own SSO system and also enables Slack or Teams training bots. The platform’s dashboard helps administrators see where they’re at and to create reports of how cybersecurity efforts are progressing.

How we are different

AwareGO’s training ethos of empowerment and positivity, instead of lecturing, shaming or scaring users into compliance, creates a positive learning experience. We provide unique, high-quality, live-action microlearning videos (1-2 minutes) that can be sent out regularly instead of doing annual lectures or seminars on multiple subjects at once. This minimizes loss of productivity and increases engagement and awareness as the security messages are being delivered regularly. For our clients, cybersecurity is about more than just checking the compliance box, it is about creating a lasting cybersecurity culture.
Our Human Risk Assessment is a way to identify and measure human risk within their organization. The tool was created in collaboration with cybersecurity and human behavioral experts to quantify both knowledge and behavior of employees and identify training needs across departments or threat vectors. The Human Risk Assessment is our answer to phishing simulations, which have become an industry standard, as it measures multiple threat areas (including phishing) and does not set employees up to fail. Instead it creates a safe and interactive environment for them to showcase their know-how or see how they could do better. The results are accessible to administrators through the platform’s dashboard, visible across departments, regions or threat areas with good reporting features.
AwareGO’s training and assessment platform is an easy to use tool where administrators can customize or select curated training programs, send out reminders and get reports or results from the dashboard. The platform is modern and free from legacy issues and can be employed within minutes from purchase. It is designed with ease of use and implementation in mind and can be integrated with other enterprise software, such as Slack and Teams, to minimize email fatigue and improve employee participation.