Axis Security Atmos Security Service Edge Platform

Additional Info

CompanyAxis Security
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Atmos by Axis was the first Security Service Edge (SSE) platform to integrate Zero Trust Network Access, Secure Web Gateway, Cloud Access Security Broker, and Digital Experiencing Monitoring within a unified platform. These integrated, cloud-delivered services broker secure connections between users and applications using identity and policy – improving visibility into what users access.

Atmos sits inline inspecting all traffic, brokering one-to-one connections based on identity and policy, and performing end-user experience monitoring. Leveraging the power of AWS, GCP, Oracle, and Azure, Axis provides two to three times the redundancy of other SSE vendors.

Axis innovations:

Unified access: The only SSE service to support all ports and protocols, even legacy VOIP (Peer-to-peer protocol), ICMP, AS400 apps, and RDP, SSH, Git, and DB via agentless web browsing.

Adaptive Trust: Combines identity, policy, and context to securely connect business users to key business apps.

Simplified orchestration: A single interface to manage access to all apps and set agent or agentless policies.

Elevated scale: 100% cloud-delivered with over 350 POPs across the globe, more than double the industry leader.

Let’s hear from customers:

Josh Gomez, Director of IT, The Parts Authority. “With the Atmos platform, not only do we get the control we need, but we’re able to deliver a user experience that our employees appreciate.”

Joshua Danielson, CISO at Copart, “What we like about Axis is that it is easy to use zero trust policies to provide thousands of users with secure connectivity to a variety of resources.’

Scott Rheins, CISO, “With Axis, we were able to deploy immediately at scale.”
Diego Souza, Security Director, US airline, “Axis is helping organizations meet the needs of employees, partners, and vendors who require secure access to critical business applications anywhere, anytime.”

How we are different

1. Elevated Scale with Cloud-Native Architecture - Atmos is 100% cloud-delivered and has soared to over 350 points of presence across the globe. More than double the industry leader. This increases the presence of our secure access services by extending security services to the edge (the user location and their device) via a cloud architecture. This minimizes latency (no backhauls to the data center or site-to-site VPNs), and ensures the reliability, availability, and scale of all services. The platform makes access seamless to end users – even as they work at home, in the office, or travel for work. The lack of appliances also helps organizations with environment-conscious regulations reduce CO2 emissions created from the manufacturing, shipping, and heating/cooling VPN gateway and outbound gateway appliance stacks.

2. Adaptive Trust - Zero-trust architecture combines identity, policy, and context to securely connect business users to key business apps. Atmos reduces the overall attack surface, minimizes the change of over-privileged access, and helps security prevent threats like ransomware, insider threats, acquiring a breach through M&A, and third-party users. Atmos sits inline empowering IT to inspect all traffic (providing clarity like never before), easily brokering one-to-one connections based on identity and policy, and performing end-user experience monitoring. Customers provide end users with secure access to business applications from anywhere, providing safe access with a productivity boost.

3. Simplified orchestration - Atmos provides a single interface to manage access to all your apps, view activity, set up agent or agentless policies and much more. The workplace is an orchestra composed of users, devices, applications, and clouds – each playing its own tune, syncing, and changing. This orchestra is difficult to secure, complex often lacks visibility, and extends far beyond the corporate network. It requires a solution designed to harmonize access. That solution is Atmos by Axis.