BetterCloud: Pioneer of SaaS Management

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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America


SaaS has undoubtedly become a business productivity driver for most organizations. That’s why the pace of companies adopting new SaaS applications has been fast and furious in the past decade. But this trend has created challenges:

1) Most companies are unprepared to handle the work that managing a full SaaS stack involves—from tasks like promptly offboarding employees and transfering file ownership to making sure data remains secure.

2) Employees often don’t understand the security implications of deploying company data or assets in the cloud. They unintentionally—and sometimes intentionally—share sensitive files, emails, and even passwords with employees who shouldn’t have access, unauthorized people outside the company, competitors, or even worse, publicly on the internet.

3) Current macroeconomic conditions are forcing IT to focus on cost control and operational efficiency. IT is under even greater pressure to do more with less. IT staffing ratios have ballooned from 1:100 on average to now 1:150 or even 1:200. With this focus on business profitability, efficiency, and optimization, the need to drive efficiency, scale IT impact, and eliminate manual work has never been more imperative.

IT teams have been leveraging modern tools, like single-purpose identity-as-a-service (IDaaS) solutions, to solve the identity problem by controlling application access. Teams also leverage SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM) solutions to prevent configuration drift and more. But these solutions were not purpose built to know and understand the complexity of SaaS applications.

BetterCloud is the SaaS Management Platform (SMP) category creator and leader, and provides unique value to customers within their existing IT portfolio. It serves as a critical force multiplier for IT—providing a centralized, zero-touch approach to automate, govern, and secure SaaS applications and employee access. Not only does it help IT maintain business priority focus, an SMP can truly transform the way IT enables a business.

How we are different

1) BetterCloud pioneered SaaS management and was first to market with its SaaS Management Platform in 2011. CEO David Politis and his team have preempted every major inflection point in the transition to SaaS—from the rise of cloud-office suites like Google Workspace and Microsoft 365, to environments with a best-in-breed application for virtually every function.

2) No other company in the space is positioned to meet the growing demands of today’s SaaS-dependent organizations. The simple truth is: You can’t secure what you can’t see. With patented data graphs, BetterCloud is constantly maintaining the statefulness of file metadata, which allows IT and security teams to have full visibility into all of the digital assets and users across SaaS applications, and identify any new or existing exposures. Alerts and workflows allow IT and security teams to automatically enforce policies with granular remediation steps. The BetterCloud platform can also create rich relationships between the data across all of a customer's SaaS applications to deliver a new level of operational intelligence and automation. The depth of BetterCloud’s strategic integrations is also second to none in the industry. The platform has a comprehensive set of more than 1,000 actions for 70+ popular SaaS apps and maintains partnerships to ensure consistency as APIs change.

3) BetterCloud is recognized by customers (G2) and leading analyst firms (Gartner and Forrester) as the market leader in SaaS Operations Management. Our industry experience and insights, world-class customer support, and patented metadata technology allow us to bring unique value to customers. As a result, customers love BetterCloud’s solution. Alex Tsarapatsanis, head of IT at Voi, said, “We are managing the user lifecycle more securely and more timely than a human ever could.”